Plain language list of oils???

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Feb 19, 2010
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OK so I've read and reread the Cummins oil/antifreeze etc requirement list. So now can someone give me a plain language listings of what they use, i.e. Shell Rotella 10W40 synthetic,  Antifreeze,    Power steering fluid,  Hydraulic Fluid, etc??????
Shell Rotella 15W40 for the oil, or any 15W40 with a CH4 API rating. I don't use synthetic for the engine oil.

Antifreeze is what Freightliner put in it originally and later replaced at the factory service center. They tell me it is Alliance OWI ALA003 HD Coolant w/SCA. OWI is Old World Industries HD diesel coolant with SCA and is sold under the Peak "Fleet Charge" brand name in retail stores..

Mine chassis has no separate "power steering fluid" - it is run from the chassis hydraulic system and uses that fluid. I let FCCC change mine, so don't know what they use.
I use Mobil 15-40 turbo diesel truck in both the the main engine and the generator. The main reason I use a synthetic is to better protect the turbo. You will get many people claim you don't need a synthetic that is their privilege.
You can sine up on Cummings Quickserve. The best source of Cummings engine parts and service information
The next place is Allisons website and you can look up your transmison.
You might want to start a list of all the part numbers you need/use so you don't have to look them up next time. You will want to get extra filters in case you need them on the road.

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