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Feb 16, 2006
A while ago, I tried to post a message about Platinum motor homes.  When I pushed the Post button, it said I had already posted the message but I can't find it anywhere so I thought I would try again.

I currentlfy have a 2001, 230XLW Xplorer class B.  It is a great little motorhome and has all of the options of a large motorhome but room.  Really, the only thing that we want to change is the shower.  As with most small motor homes, it has a "wet shower" and we prefer a stand alone shower.  Consequently, I plan to sell it in the next month or two and am seriously considering either the Platium 23 foot or the 26 foot.  I am especially concerned about the sofa-bed.  Our present coach has a power sofa which we  make up as a permanent bed when we travel.  I have two specific questions:

                          Is the platinum sofa-bed comfortable?
                          Is making the bed each night a real inconvenience?

I had listed in the previous posting (which is lost somewhere in the system) most of the questions and concerns I had so now I will try to remember them again.

First, for those of you who have a platinum coach, If you had it to do over would you buy it again?  What would you do differentl

Then, there are some specific questions:

                    What options did you get?

                    Are there others you would get if you were purchasing it again?

                    What are the things you like most about the particular model you bought?

                      What are the things you least like about the Platinum?

                      What is a reasonable miles per gallon of gas to expect?

                      Have you been satisfied with warranty support?

                      Do you have sufficient cargo carrying capacity?

I am sure there are many significant questions that I have left out so if you think of one please mention it.

I will certainly appreciate any information you can supply.

Thank you very much

Gerry Kersey
Gerry, sorry you lost the first message. Sounds like something burped.

, it said I had already posted the message

If I see that message, I hit the Back button in my browser.
Gerry, a friend recently purchased a 23 Platinum (without slides).  He is very pleased with it, and as I checked it out as he came by on his way back east, it looked like a very solid unit to me. Unfortunately, I can't answer your specific questions, but he seems to fit the unit (he is 6'3").

Didn't realize that was the same unit that GK bought. I can't believe he can stand upright in it.

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