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Jul 19, 2012
So my car is a built muscle car and has a very loud cold start but idles down in roughly 30 seconds. I made sure to let all of my neighbors know as they came into the park starting last October. I never start the car much before 9am and all of the neighbors as well as the property manager told me it wasn't an issue. About a week ago my next-door neighbor went to the office and lodged a complaint about the cold start without even speaking to me. Mind you, we like to socialize and I do a lot of cooking and this fella and his wife have been to every gathering we've hosted and accepted an invite to a dinner the day after they complained about the car... I hadn't found out about the complaint prior to inviting them.

There are 4 couples right next to and across from us including my neighbor that are friends and travel together, now we find out they're all part of the complaint department LOL.. So after 4.5 months of no complaints they decide its time??? The manager has made me move the car outside of the gated area to a front overflow lot where some folks with two vehicles park their tow vehicles, that's where I kept my truck. Oh yeah, the dude that complained was the first guy to ask me for a ride in the car!!

We have broken no park rules and needless to say there is a little tension in the neighborhood over this. I did as requested and swapped the car with the truck but I'm a bit aggravated over the whole thing simply because no one ever came to me first to discuss. The other thing is there are Harleys and old diesels rumbling through the property that are just as loud as my car but that seems to be ok... How would any of you handled this situation, personally I'd like to move but as you all know this time of year it's pretty slim pickings for RV sites...

Thanks for letting me vent a bit
This is similar to many noise complaints Rob. Like being next to a loud barking dog. Often folks tolerate noise issues out of being polite and not wanting to be the reporting party. But then someone shows up and makes the complaint and many others agree.  The fact that the person reporting went to the office instead of you is most likely because they wanted to avoid a personal conflict with you.  And frankly, the office was wrong if they told you who the complaining party was.  That can lead to really hurt feelings, and sometimes even violence.

Excessive noise in close quarters is always a hot button in a living situation. If it's for a night or two, it can be overlooked. But 3+ months is really pushing it. I suggest blowing it off and be happy you got 3 months without complaints. 
I speculate that they didn't come to you because they thought the complaint may not be well-received or regarded... I don't know if that's true or not, but that is usually the reason for such things. 30 second wind-down or not, the vehicle's startup noise was apparently bothersome enough for a few of them to "agree" on lodging the complaint. Something to consider, although I understand it feels a little backhanded the way it was done.

I don't think you need to uproot and leave, if this has been the only unpleasant experience thus far. True it would've been nice if they had come to you first, but they didn't and the problem is hopefully resolved now (in their minds) if startup noise was the true issue. It might be worthwhile, next time you are in a conversation with any of those folks, to gently apologize for the apparent inconvenience and "open the door" for them to approach you directly if needed at all in the future. That would hopefully soften neighborly relations from both sides.

All that said, as a fellow classic car owner (although I'm more into cruisers vs. muscle car racer types)... what is this undoubtedly beautiful piece of Detroit you have?
Well put Sarge, I appreciate your response and I agree! At first I thought the guy was just jealous because he drives a Plymouth Cricket...LOL
Agree Scotty! Funny enough the fella that complained is a chronic complainer and recently mistreated a couple of staff, thats landed him in a bit of hot water from what we hear. Things are very quiet at this point, my car has been moved and he's on the bad list... karma!


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Rob VanVoorhis said:
Well put Sarge, I appreciate your response and I agree! At first I thought the guy was just jealous because he drives a Plymouth Cricket...LOL

A Cricket! Now that's a classic car.

Actually, they were fun to drive and less of a pile of crap in comparison to some other cars of the era.
I do think someone has earned themselves no more invitations to get togethers at your place. I totally agree with Sarge about the reporting, but to show up for a party at your place when they can?t tell you about the noise complaint is pretty low.
Rob VanVoorhis said:
Yeah, that's a beauty!!!!

Thanks, the guy wanted a GT but couldn't find one that wasn't too rusty to work with.  This one was taken all the way apart and all the GT package options except the tach package added.  Best driving Stang I ever drove.  The color is my favorite color of any of the cars we painted in the 10 years I had the shop.


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Maybe they sleep till after 9am and didn't like the alarm clock....

It's a shame they didn't feel they could approach you directly but maybe they felt bad about complaining and thought it might be easier that way.

Probably not worth losing potential friends over, but would annoy me a bit.

Scott, as usual, is a great diplomat and gives good advice.

Or, you could get a loud air horn and set it off at 3am ?

Nice car and great scenery. I'm jealous as it's cold here and that sun is very tempting.

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