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Jan 13, 2005
This message board is for forum members' private for-sale ads only. Please do not post commercial advertisements. A sale is considered private/non-commercial if the seller is merely disposing of a personal item or asset rather than being in business to sell such items/assets. If you're not sure, please drop me a PM or email.

Commercial ads posted on any of our message boards will be moved out of sight by forum staff and may get the poster banned from the forum.

Be sure to adequately describe the item you're selling, and feel free to attach photos to your message since photos will usually add to the information given in your text. Also be sure to include a way for potential buyers to contact you (e.g. email address &/or phone number).

It might be helpful to potential buyers if you could include the location where your for-sale item is at. Some folks may not be interested in buying or looking at something located across country.

When your item has sold, please drop me a note via PM or email (click one of the icons under my avatar) so I can remove your ad. In any event, ads will be removed after a reasonable period of time (usually several months). If you have a valid reason for keeping the ad up longer, drop me a note.

Please do not post messages anywhere else within the RV Forum merely to put a link to your ad here. But, feel free to post a link at other web sites or forums.

Potential buyers should be aware that the RV Forum assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of forum members' ads posted in this message board or the quality/suitability of items described in such ads. No warranties, express or implied, apply. All transactions should be between the seller and the buyer, with no involvement by the RV Forum or forum staff.

Note: Please see this message re the locking of ads.

Edit: Added suggestion to include location of the item. Fixed broken link.
Not open for further replies.

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