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Mar 12, 2005

Another question on brakes.  I purchased a POD brake controller that plugs in under the dash of my 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 with tow package.  I wired it up just as the instructions say to do to the end that plugs in. hooked the TT up and the brake controller does nothing. no light no nothing.  Anyone have a suggestion on where I start looking for the problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Just wanted to confirm you saw the Personal Message and email I sent you.
Check to see that the TT plug and truck receptacle contacks are clean and making good contact.  On my old truck and TT, I sometimes didn't get a good ground.  It is very important to have a good solid contact that won't shift as you drive.  To see if the brake controller is working, you can buy one of those inexpensive 12 volt testers with a light at an auto parts store.  Then connect the alligator clamp to the ground in your truck receptacle, and place the pin on the other contacts, one at a time.  This is an easy way to check your truck receptacle for brakes, brake lights, turn signals, etc.  this would tell if its working or cross wired.
Thanks for the reply Jake, yes I have a tester and i'll get that done tomorrow evening when we get back to the campground.  all my lights work fine but just doesn't seem to be any power to the brake controller.   

Tom yes I received your message and thank you for the  fast reply. I can only check the forum or email when we stop at home since most campgrounds here in NE iowa don't offer any type of internet hookups and we haven't went with a cell phone connection since our provider don't offer it either. 
anyway, thanks to both of you for the advise and hopefully it's as simple as a crossed wire.


I had another thought about this.  Check to see if you have a good fuse in your truck fuse box for the brake controller.  On my old truck (99 GMC), there was a separate fuse just for the brake controller.  I haven't checked my new truck (05Dodge) yet to see if also has a separate fuse for the controller.

ok Jake,

Thanks i'm gonna be checking it out tonight when we finally get back to the campground.  I was wondering if there maybe be a fuse somewhere for just the controller so now that you've mentioned that i'll check it out.  Maybe I should have just spent a few more dollars on a better unit than the "POD"......I'll let you know what I find out tonight. Thanks again,

Well I think i've figured it out. there is no power to the trailer when the brake pedal is depressed.  That means a broken wire somewhere between the brake controller and the plug at the rear of the truck.  I'm gonna cheat and run a new wire from the brake controller back to the plug and that should fix the problem.  I'm a little slow so this may take me a couple of days to get this accomplished.

Could also be no power to the brake controller (did you check that before you hooked it up?) or a defective switch or wire at the truck's brake pedal (that's what activates the controller so it can apply trailer brakes).

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