Pop-ups/hybrids and rain

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Jun 13, 2006
Lakes Region, New Hampshire
As my wife and I continue to struggle with the pop-up/hybrid/travel trailer question, I have another "stupid question."  We have always been tent campers, so I grew up with the understanding that anything touching the side of the tent would be wet in the morning from dew, even worse when it rains.  Do pop-ups and hybrids get wet in the same way?  I'm 6'4", so there's a good chance that some part of me will touch the side at some point in the night.  Is this something that I should be concerned about or are pop-ups different from ground tents?  Thanks for your help! 

-- Derek
Wow, good question. We did a lot of tent camping and learned the hard way never to touch the inside of the tent when the outside was wet. I would suspect that the canvas parts of pop-ups would be the same but I don't have any first hand experience to back that up. On the other hand, they may be more 'water repellant' than plain old tents???
We had a 89 Coleman Pop-up and it did seem that things would get wet if you pressed against them but not as severe as a in a nylon tent.
Having spent a few yuears in a pop-up myself, I can tell you that Scotch Guard works, buy the industrial size (Gallons or l6 gallon) and a decent sprayer to apply with.

I also found a product that will seal pin holes in canvas WHILE IT IS RAINING,  (Seal All, it's a Duco Model Cement look-a-like that's is the duco of the 50's not today's "sniff proof" stuff
The answer to your question is yes and no. Having had several pop-ups the canvas parts come in just canvas which will get wet on the inside. The other type fabric is canvas coated on the outside with vinyl, this will not get wet inside when touched when wet.  :) Now the down side to this fabric is that it does not breath this then causes a huge condensation problem even with the vent open. :'(

get one with,Aqualon,,,,,our Starcraft has Never leaked nor condensated,and I camp in pretty extreme conditions,very early and very late in the season fly fishing at altitude.

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