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John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
In the 8 years I have owned this Motor home I have tripped 30 amp and 20 amp breakers many times, I have tripped 50 amp breakers five times

Twice on Sunday, 3 times on Monday, This week.

After the 5th trip I called the park and ask for the electrician to pay a call on the site... Well, I called again this morning,  Finally about 1pm, one shows up. No breakers (They told him I had NO power... Great security folks we have here, you call them when you need assistance)  He said he'd be right back, 4pm the other one comnes by  He has breakers.

My diagnostic procedure involved the following.. Sticking my nose near the pedestal I sniffed... HOT WIRE SMELL.  (That is when I made the 1st call)  Felt around the plug (Mine) was cool as a cumcumber,  Well considering it's bright yellow (Power Pull type) and a cucumber is dark green and it was HOT BLISTERING SUN out I'm sure it was cooler than a cucumber.

Ran my fingers over the face of the breakers,, The 30 was HOT (Total current that line zero amps) the 20 was a bit cooler (Fraction of an amp) and the 50's ... Well that's where the heat was coming from.

When the electrician removed them from the box, he gloved up

Tightened the new ones onto the wire (He and I think alike on tightening those screws) and put them in.. After this I picked up the old ones that were still lying on the ground.. They were STILL too hot to hold for long.

So I'm not back to FULL POWER!..

Those puppies were tripping around 25-30 amps. And what's worse is we appear to be in a brown out, He commented on low voltage.  I told him it was the same on teh 20 amp outlet.  (Of course I have FULL voltage here inside, but.. Well, you folks know how that is (Thank you Mr, Hughes).  But I was able to fix dinner with no Click of darkness.

I may have to do some testing at the other park I visit. (I can do more testing on 3 amps..  (Current metering) without resorting to screwdrivers. (Does take a meter though).

Only took 24 hours to get it fixed..  Good thing it was not critical.

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