Powergear Leveler Troubleshooting

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Apr 8, 2005
OK all you techies I have a problem. :mad:

We have owned two PowerGear equipped m/hs and have never had a problem: UNTIL NOW!

This summer I damaged the left rear jack when a 2X12 I had under it broke and bent the pad and caused the jack to start leaking. I have refilled the reservoir all summer to make it to National RV's service center in Lakeland to have it replaced, which we did Wednesday.

Replacing the jack involves R&Ring six bolts and one hydraulic line. The location of the jack requires reaching past the motor and reservoir which has the electrical solenoids that operate the system. Two of the bolts were locked up and required using the large impact wrench they use to remove wheels after a lot of time with a smaller air wrench.

Jack was replaced and the tech ran the jack up and down a couple of times. We arrived at Live Oaks RV Park in Punta Gorda later Wednesday afternoon and the jacks do not operate properly.

The system uses three solenoids to open valves and send fluid to the jacks:
#1. Operates the front two jacks together
#2  Operates the left rear jack
#3  Operates the right rear jack

It has four buttons to select:

1.  Extends 2 front jacks
2.  Extends 2 rear jacks
3.  Extends left rear jack
4.  Extends right rear jack

When I push 1. or 2. (Front or Rear) all four jacks go down together, if I select 3 the left rear and both front jacks go down, 4 causes the right rear and front jacks to extend.

I have talked to Powergear who thinks there is a ground in the system but didn't have much to offer for a troubleshooting procedure.

Any ideas?

First: Thanks, I wondered how they did that

Second: I do not see how what the tech did would cause this problem UNLESS, and this is a big UNLESS

You mentioned that the jack that was replaced was next to the tank, pump and valves (They are all one unit)

It is indeed possible that a ground wire was attached under one of those mounting bolts and that he forgot to re-attach it (Look for a wire that simply ends in air near the jacks)  Also inspect all the wires and connections in the area he was working.

It is also possible he simply knocked a connection loose

In the AM I plan to check the connections, make sure a wire didn't get pinched, and check ground on all three leads to the solenoids. Also intend to pull leads one at a time and see how the other jacks react to see if I can isolate problem.
Problem solved. The control panel up front completes a ground to each solenoid driven valve which get its power from the hot side of the pump solenoid at the rear of the coach. (Helps avoid running several hot wires from front to rear). When National's people finished installing the jack they tie-wrapped the wire bundles running from the leveler pump: TIGHT! This morning when I went back to start checking connections I found the front jack solenoid very warm because a ground in the bundle completed a circuit to that solenoid. I unhooked the connector from the control panel and found the wire grounded, untied the bundle and whatever had caused the short went away; problem solved.

Must mention how helpful PowerGear tech support was in trouble shooting the problem. An hour after I started the problem fixed and  I was happy.
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