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May 17, 2006
Sierra Vista, Arizona
We are preparing for our first extended (4 week+) tour on the road to the Pacific Northwest.

I was wondering what you all do to prepare the house you will leave behind while you are gone.  We live in southern AZ and don't expect any critical weather issues while gone (no hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.)  We are taking our dogs with us, but leaving our cats in the capable hands of a pet sitter who lives across the street from us.

Surely would appreciate any suggestions that you all might have that will ease our minds about leaving the house behind for a month.

Thanks in advance.  :-\

We have a checklist or two in our library that might help. Click the Library button above and select Checklists.
We leave for months at a time but we pay someone to check on the house on a regular basis.  We leave the water on but turn the water off at the washing machine.  On his regular visits, he will flush the toilets.  In lieu of this, I have read that some folks wrap the top of the toilet bowl with plastic wrap (like Saran Wrap) to keep the water from evaporating. 

Not a worry this time of year, but in winter months, I open closet doors and especially under cabinet doors of areas where there is plumbing so heat can circulate.

You might want to consider paying your pet sitter a little more and ask that he/she check the inside of your house a couple of times.

Also, if you have paid someone to mow your grass, you may want to have your pet sitter contact you or the lawn person if it does not get mowed as tall grass can be an indication that no one is home.
Another item to consider adding to the library list - changing the batteries in smoke dectectors if you are going to be gone for an extended time.  It never fails, one of our smoke detectors will go off and the gentleman who watches the house has to buy new ones and install them.

Got it and updated the library file. Thanks.

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