Printer Doesn't Show Up in Printers and Faxes

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Mar 4, 2005
Hondo, TX
Howdy, Y'all.

My new HP deskjet 6840 printer was a plug and play installation. But the 6840 doesn't show up on the Control Panel, Printers and Faxes. Why not?


Jackliz said:
Howdy, Y'all.

My new HP deskjet 6840 printer was a plug and play installation. But the 6840 doesn't show up on the Control Panel, Printers and Faxes. Why not?



You misread that. It's PLUG AND PRAY!!!    ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D
You might want to download the driver to your new printer from here

Technology changes daily,and when your software was installed on your computer from the factory the new printer drivers were most likely not even made yet. :mad:

Some printers (and other devices) are very picky about which you do first - install the software, or plug the USB cable in. For the most part, you need to install the sftw first; then the printer, but follow the installation instructions carefully.

Specific instructions can be found here:

Also, HP recommends temporarily turning off firewalls - especially the MS XP firewall - prior to attempting installation.
Look in the WIndows Device Manager and see if the printer is listed there (under Printers) with a yellow flag and an X or question mark. That would indicate the device was found but did not install correctly - usually a driver software problem.

Did you install the HP software, at least the device driver,  first? AS I recall, HP usually wants that done before you plug in the printer.

When all else fails, read the directions...
Groannn. I can't remember how to access the Windows Device Manager.  Will someone please tell me how to find that?

Too tired,
Right click on My Computer, Properties, Hardware tab, Device Manager button.
It won't, you have to look in Start, Printers and Faxes.  If it's not there, it's not installed properly.
Karl said:

Hmmmm... Strange. A default install will not put printers and faxes on the Start menu. Maybe youse guys pinned it there yourselves???


Start, right click, properties. Click on start menu customize. Under start menu items about two thirds of the way down do you have the "printer and faxes" box checked?
Howdy, Framily.
Thanks for the help.

I uninstalled the printer's software, etc. Following the installation fold-out directions, I used the info for using a USB between the puter and the printer. Works good, printer is listed in Printers and Faxes.  IT'S MAGIC!!  ;D  ;D 

The next project is setting up a little wireless network in our coach. Jack's laptop wants to talk to my laptop and both laptops want to be able to talk to the printer.

You're almost home now.  Just follow the directions for connecting to the printer wirelessly.

Thanks, but I know how to get it there. I was just saying that "normal?" people will not have customized their start menu items; then you need to go to control panel to see them. But that's o.k. - I'm sure Ned's start menu reads like the index pages for the Library of Congress ;D
Yes, I do add several items to the Start menu.  It makes it much easier to find them and is an easy thing to do.  If Windows has any redeeming feature, it's the many ways you can customize the user interface.
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