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Sep 18, 2006
Tampa, FL
We light the pilot and set the oven temp to 350.? Once the temp hits 350, the oven burner goes out and sometimes, the pilot goes out also.? This doesn't happen every time, but enough times to keep re-lighting the pilot whenever we get a propane odor.? Any help would be appreciated.
We had a water heater once that when it fired up to start heating the water, it would blow out the pilot light.  We were told it needed a new regulator or something like that.  A new water heater was cheaper than the regulator + labor.
DW decided that we should get an electric oven/cooker.
This way she can bake, roast and stew without a fuss.
cuts_up said:
A new water heater was cheaper than the regulator + labor.

I find that hard to believe.  A water heater costs up to $800+ while a regulator is <$20.  It can be installed with a wrench in a few minutes.  If the gas pressure was so high as to blow out the pilot light, then the proper solution was to replace the regulator.
Again I'm with you Ned  Something fishy with who they are dealing with.    I got 2 extra regulators inthe RV at all times, just in case.  Someone's been givien an old fashion snow job.
raymarco said:
DW decided that we should get an electric oven/cooker.
This way she can bake, roast and stew without a fuss.

I travel with an electric tosater oven,, Size extra large (This one is big eough to put a whole chicken in or a cornish game hen on a spit rotating instead of flat in the pan) it has a griddle top too if you want pancakes and eggs

I have a Crock-Pot BBQ-Pit slow cooker Turkey roaster

And the propane fired oven

Outside I have a 2-burner electrive "Buffett range"  a single burner,  The above stuff should I choose, and a propane grill and burner

The idea here is if I'm where I pay flat rate for power (so much a day, part of the "Rent" I use it... If I have to pay by the watt (IE: Gas to run the ONAN) much better to use propane

Or, to the tune of the song Cocaine

"It's the stuff that keeps you warm...... Propane!"
Ned, mine was not an rv water heater, but the water heater in my home.  Because I live way off the beaten path, a service call to replace a regulator was going to be about $180 at the repairman's convenience.  A new water heater was about $160 installed by dh immediately.  I related this incident to suggest that ramarco's problem could possibly be his regulator.

Sorry, I thought we were discussing an RV water heater.
The pilot is a tiny flame from a very small orifice - it doesn't take much to snuff it out. Low gas pressure (bad regulator) is one possibility; soot or rust around the orifice is another. Try cleaning it carefully - don't ream it out.
Our oven pilot light has a flame adjustment.  Perhaps your flame is too llow.  We now leave our pilot light off as when we turn the gas off to re-fuel - I forget to turn the pilot ligjt to the off position.  When the gas goes back on the jet puts out gas and we will not smell it until going out doors and coming back in again.  Too dangerous.

Have someone do a pressure test on your propane system. You may need to have it adjusted or the regulator replaced. It will also make sure you don't have any propane leaks. They show up very quickly.

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