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Robert Ryan

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Jan 23, 2010
I an another Australian are members of the Open Roads Forums(I am a member as well of RV Forum). We have both noticed those forums do not appear to open. Is it just us in the Southern Hemisphere or is there a problem? Addressing this to members who maybe a member of this and the Open Roads sites.
The forum you referenced opens just fine here in California. Try sending them a message here.
Thanks Tom. but no response. I had done a listing of Australian TC's , Conventional and Unconventional that was added to a "Sticky" In the Truck Camper section under "More Information" Australian Manufacturers" Folding Trailer   readers were  VERY interested in the many Off Road manufacturers that do not exist in North America. It is a shame for there are many unique Australian RV's i.e Gall Brothers and their Off Road Caravans. I just finished a thread called "What you do not see in the US " in the 5ver section 12 pages of responses and close to 4000views. I hope I can retrieve some of that information and re post it here.
Robert, we'd love to have you share your information here, although other folks' posts shouldn't be reposted here without their permission.
Tom, I will only be posting my information. I cannot remember their responses. One problem is talking about some RV types that do not exist in NA..
  Anyway one favourite on those Forums and it they appeared in several subsections on those Forums is the Gall Boys and the Off Road Kedron Caravan they build
The Open Roads forum has an apparent misconfiguration that is blocking access from some non-North American areas using the portal. Try using the Woodalls portal instead. It's the same forum, with the same login, just a different access point.
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