Productive Day on my Solar Install

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Mar 3, 2017
NW Illinois
Today I got the two #4 AWS run from the roof to the compartment that will house the AGM batteries, charge controller and inverter.

Also ran the 3 monitor signal wires from said compartment to the ?key cabinet? above the entrance door and mounted the 3 control / monitor modules.

The 5 wires run through the switch cabinet and then behind the left side balance of the window. This is a very direct route and will be totally hidden.

Hopefully the pictures will tell the story.



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Looking great Tom!  I like the template you made for the cutouts in the key cabinet.
Kev, I toyed with the idea of enlarging the pedestal, where I'd originally mounted the Trimetric, to hold the other two control panels. In the end it would have had to be too large and just didn't make sense.

Also with panels from three different companies nothing matched. So probably better out of sight anyway.

Can you elaborate on how you fastened the solar panel (s) to the structure?
I just bought my first panel, its a 100W model, without an "easel-type" support for it.
Well, I haven't put the panels up yet. And the mounts I want won't be available in time. :(  (not mentioning any names  ;) )
So for now I'll use the mounts from AM Solar. They seem very pricey for what you get but look to be a quality product.
I may do photos of them when I get to that stage, but they have some excellent videos on the website

Heli_av8tor said:
Well, I haven't put the panels up yet. And the mounts I want won't be available in time. :(  (not mentioning any names  ;) )

I have a good idea of who you are talking about. He really needs to market those mounts.
Excellent install, and excellent ideas! Was the pedestal in your unit there beforehand, or is it something that you added? If it was an addition, it is an excellent idea! One just cannot run wires through sealed walls on an RV!

With that said, however, using dead space behind the key rack is an even better idea. Not everyone will have that option, of course, as there are so many variations in the way that RVs are constructed.

Just an FYI. The plastic junction box that you mounted on the roof, I hope that this is indeed rated for outside use. The conduit that I used to run the wires on the roof for my solar install is UV resistant. However, I'm finding that the boxes are not. They have discolored terribly in just one year on the roof of my trailer. I am hoping that it is only cosmetic.

The pedestal was original and holds five switches. I still have to make a dado groove in the left valence to bury the wire from the top of the pedestal up to the cabinet. I?m saving that for later so I can easily adjust the wires up or down.

I?ll have to double check on the box, but it is rated for outdoor use.


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