Pry-bar damage to my trailer door....somebody tried to break in

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Jan 7, 2007
Hi. My name is Joe, and this is my first post here at  .  As you can tell from my subject line, somebody attempted to break in to my trailer with a pry bar. It is a 1998 21 foot Tahoe Lite by Thor. Basically, the dead-bolt held true, and foiled the break in plot, however now I am stuck with an eye-sore or a bent "lip" on the metal trim piece on the door. The actual door jam was un-damaged, but the trim on the door itself was damaged beyond just bending it back straight or pounding it out.  At first I was thinking that I would have to replace the whole door, but after looking at it further, it appears that all four pieces of trim (top, bottom, left, right) are held on independently by screws. Can anybody point me in the right direction towards locating a new piece of metal door trim for my Trailer entry door.  Thanks a million.  Happy trails..

I can't guarantee they'll have what you need, but you could try some of the parts or salvage places on this page.
Thank you for the links to the salvage companies.  I've sent out several requests for parts.  Does anybody know if these pieces are even sold separately?  I havent seen them in any RV catalogs. I sure hope I don't have to buy a new door.  Thanks.

If all else fails see a good body man.

A good body man may well be able to do wonders with your current bent metal.

And if you ever find the guy who tried to pry your door open.

I have a few ideas for use of his crowbar which I think you'd like.

(He would not, but you would)
Check with THor - all RV manufacturers use standard door assemblies from third parties and they don't change that much. Thor may or may  not have one that fits in stock (you will probably have to buy thru a dealer, though) but they should be able to tell you who the door supplier was/is.  Odds are good it is a company called Hehr.  Hehr International
Most entry door mfrs have their name molded into the plastic sliding section of the screen door. Phillips, Hehr, Amerimax, etc.

If you look to to replace the door you will likely need to remove it and measure the opening (height and width) within 1/16 of an inch.

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