Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico

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Aug 29, 2005
I've thought some of you might be interested in some info about Puerto Penasco.  I have spent the winter there for the last 9 years.  Puerto Penasco is on the mainland at the top of the Sea of Cortez.  It is only 4 hrs from Tucson or Phoenix.  It is NOT a border town.  It is, however, getting pretty "gringoized".  Lots of condos and trendy restaurants being built.  The RV parks are right on the beach.  I stay at Playa de Oro RV Resort which is in the Mirador area in the southeast part of town.  There are several other RV parks in this area.  Other parks are on Sandy Beach on the northwest part of town.  Both sides have nice beaches with the best surf fishing being in the Mirador area.  Playa de Oro has 300 spaces and is a very nice park.  They have limited sat TV, free WIFI, a restaurant and mini market, a rec hall, and a very friendly, english speaking staff.  Although the tap water in Penasco is certified and many people drink it, I use purified water to drink.  You can buy it for about 10 cents a gallon at the water plants.  The electricity is good, with slightly high voltage.  Most spaces at Playa de Oro can accomodate up the 36' rigs.  They do have a few sites that can accomodate larger rigs.  You can look at their rates at playadeoro-rv.com.  Another good source of info is rptimes.com.  This is the site for the monthly english newpaper.  The parts fill up about 25-30% with snowbirds, with many Arizona residents coming down on weekends.  The border crossing at Lukeville, AZ/Sonoita, MX seldom has lines.  There is a duty free store at the border, on the U.S. side, as you are coming into Mexico.  You must, as a minimum, get Mexican liability insurance on your vehicle(s).  Puerto Penasco is in the Sonoran Free Trade Zone so you do not need any passports or visas to enter.  Hope this answers most of your questions.  If you have others, let me know.
tortuga said:
I've thought some of you might be interested in some info about Puerto Penasco.? , not need any passports or visas to enter.? Hope this answers most of your questions.? If you have others, let me know.


Thanks for the fine first hand information.  I will share it with those in our caravan.  I am sort of glued to the TV  news of the hurricane today and thinking how quickly a priority can change. 
Betty Brewer
Hi Tortuga,

Thanks for the report. I have often thought it would be nice to travel to Puerto Penasco. Even mentioned to some members about having a rally there. :) I have heard since the "gringos" are taking over it is becoming much more expensive and very crowded. What are the typical costs for a site? How does the cost of food compare to the U.S.? I think it would be nice to spend some time on the Sea of Cortez.
The major RV parks in Penasco get together each year to set the price.  They will all be very close, if not exactly, the same.  The prices went up last year for the first time in three years.  Right now the prices for a regular space are $19/Day, $114/Week, and $418/Month.  Premium beach front spaces are $25/Day, $175/Week, and $690/Month.  They will also provide special discounts for caravans.  You can find more inexpensive places to stay in the States, but not right on a beach.

Fresh produce is very inexpensive with the best being bought at open air stands beginning around the first of the year.  Fresh shrimp and fish can be bought at very reasonable prices  in the fish market from September to early April.  Safeway's mexican chain, Leys, opened a very large supermarket last year which totally changed the way we shop.  It is very similar to a Safeway store in the U.S. including a wonderful deli and bakery.  The big difference is that you cannot always get the a specific brand that you might want and there is a very limited number of "lite" products.  Restaurants run the full gamet from very expensive to very economical.  Small retaurants back in the neighborhoods serve very good food at a reasonable price.  They do not appreciate very large groups of loud Americans in the small restaurants.  Small street front taco and hot dog stands are also very good and popular.

Penasco is also known for having quality, inexpensive dentists, upholstery shops, and body shops.  If the body work is minor they will do it on site in the RV park.

Thanks for the additional information. Prices are not outrageous. I'm sure they were much lower a few years ago. :) Nice to know there is some good shopping for food. I'm sure many of the smaller restaurants are very good and probably undiscovered by many. We just might have to give it a try some year. With the fuel costs the way they are it might be awhile. :mad:

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