Pull strap for A&E Elite window awning

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grooving grandpa

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Apr 13, 2017
Out  this week end Black Strap loop broke for my  13 ft window awning over couch and dinette.

obtained this info off casing.
Product #958302358
Model #85062 DP. 144-R
Serial # 400796838

Strap appears to measure 29.5 inches.
Looked on ebay. could not find right length. Cheap enough. . Will search for A & E phone #. How about calling Dometic??? How about Fiamma??
Any suggestion would be appreciated.


Ours broke in Yuma last year and I called around to the various RV supply stores, (not dealers) and found that they are a common thing and come in various lengths and the cost was around $5.00 or less.  One end of the roller slot was open and it was a simple matter of sliding the new "T" end into the slot and moving it to the middle.
They are a fairly standard item and a Carefree strap should fit fine too. Camco makes a Universal one (as does Carefree).  I also found an A&E replacement strap on Amazon.




I only see that in one product, but not sure what it is for. In some awnings, you need to drill out a rivet to expose the slot for the strap, so maybe those are replacement rivets?  But if you own a pop-rivet tool, you probably already have rivets.
Look at your A&E awning and see if the strap can be slid out of the end of the slot without removing a screw or rivet.
If you can not find teh strap.. Often these slide out via one end or the other but if you can not find the strap

Get a "Luggage strap" this is a single usually nylon strap with a latch system designed to wrap around a suitcase or some such to insure it does not come open.. I use a bunch of em for assorted stuff.

SLide the existing strap out and you will find a bit of somethign in the loop that's in the channel
Sew a like loop
ANd the loops that hook to the hook under the window.. Likewise sew them in

Slide the awning end back in
Cut the excess off and "Seal" the end (a bit of glue or if nylon heat).

Get a large enough (long enough) luggage strap and you'll be able to use the rest for something.
Here is Shade Pro site. Just notice, it says free shipping

I like the idea of making your own.  I probably have the strap material (left over from my TV installs) in my garage somewhere and the wife has a good sewing machine.  Last resort if you can?t find an actual replacement strap?
Just found out my local RV repair shop stocks them. Mine measured 27" from slot to top of loop. Almaden RV in San Jose, Ca. stocks 28" for under $8, so should work. If not easy to return.

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