Purchasing fifth-wheeler out of state

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Jul 26, 2006
We are looking at a Fleetwood Triumph 395RL5S but it is not available from my local RV dealers.  Has anyone ever purchased a new fifth wheeler from out of state?  If so, were you able to find good warranty service locally when you needed it?  Are there any other concerns that we should be worrying about if we purchase from an out of state dealer?
How far out of state? We live in Memphis TN and bought our 5W in Southaven MS (it's only about 30 miles though). For warrently work, we take it back to our dealer. The only 'glitch' we ran into was when we tried to register it for the first time - TN tried to charge us sales tax ($2300). Showed them where I had already paid it along with a copy of the receipt showing that the tax was to be sent to TN instead of MS.

I live on Long Island in NY and the nearest dealers with the trailers I am interested in are in Virginia and Massachusetts.  Too far to go for warranty service.
Check over your trailer's warranty.  I suspect that you will find that your refrigerator, stove, furnace, water heater, water pump, charger, airconditioner, microwave, stereo, and throne are all under their manufacturers' warranties, not your trailer mfr's..  That leaves only your trailer's structure, frame, axles, wheels, coupler, house wiriing, and plumbing and tanks are warranted by the traileer mfr.    The appliance warranties are national and can be honored by any shop -- that wants to honor them.  Do fill in and mail all cards, and keep the instruction sheets in the trailer. 

The other stuff rarely fails within warranty beyond the first few days of use.  You are well advised to plan on a short vacation at an RV campground near the dealer to check out the unit in use.  Keep notes on failures and plan allowing a few days to stop by the dealers before heading home.
For the reasons that Carl cites, I would not be afraid to buy out of town, including out of state.  Spend a week near the dealer, though,  so you can identify those initial problems and get them fixed right away. We bought our motorhome from a dealer 100 miles away and have had warranty service on it at various places across the USA.

Find the closest dealer for the brand and check with their service department about warranty service. Some dealers, especially smaller ones, don't seem to want to handle warranty work on rigs they did not sell. Others welcome it - they get paid the same way by the manufacturer.  You can also call the manufacturer's customer support line and ask where the nearest place is for warranty service.

Is there no Fleetwood Triumph dealer near you or does th elocal dealer simply not have the model you want? A franchised dealer can order the specific model you want from the factory for you.
Buying out of state should not affect any warranty. However, many "local" dealers will not schedule a repair appointment quickly if you did not purchase from them. It's not right but that's the way some do business. Others will take you as soon as possible.

If the purchase price is "considerably lower" then it might make sense. If it's just a hundred dollars or so you might want to reconsider.

I just reread your message. If the desired vehicle is not available locally it won't matter how they treat out of state purchases. They may not service anything they don't handle.

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