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Sep 25, 2010
Washington State
After patiently waiting the last two days I finally had a visitor to my feeder. He allowed me to pull my chair up to within 8 feet of the feeder and snap a few pics. I say "he" because in the right light, its throat is bright ruby colored.



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Thanks. And glad you identified it Tom. I knew it didn't look quite like the ruby throated hummingbirds I'm used to seeing back in Kansas.

SeilerBird said:
Rubys only occur back east.

Actually their summer range includes nearly the entire eastern half of the continental US, which includes the eastern quarter or so of Kansas. Lot's of 'em around KCKS.
I got another shot a little while ago that shows more of the red color on the throat.



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Now that's a really neat hummingbird picture!  His little wing is just a blur.  Love it!

I found a hummingbird feeder that attaches to a window with suction cups. We put it on ours and in short order had visitors. Since our windows are the reflective kind, from inside we can get within inches of the feeder and the birds can't see us nor our movement. We got ours at the Ace Hardware in Clayton, GA but there are several models available here: http://www.bestnest.com/bestnest/window_hummingbird_feeders.asp

BTW, the most hummingbirds I have ever seen in one place was at the restaurant at the top of Sandia Peak just outside ABQ, NM.
That window hummbird feeder is pretty cool. Bringing them so close to the house reminds me of the time a hummingbird at my folks place tried to fly through a window, but ended up getting its beak stuck in the window screen. My dad had to extract the poor bird from the metal mesh. The bird was OK, but must have been scared witless!

No pics taken today. Had another project, a solar oven I've been working on.  ;)  Should have food cooking in it tomorrow.

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