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Feb 1, 2005
For those of you that are new to boondocking, you may not be aware that the BLM does have some rules that apply to the LTVA where we have our rally.? When driving through poplulated areas, keep your speed down to minimize the dust.? Quiet hours are, I believe, 10:00pm to 6:00am.? That means no generators, no barking dogs outside, and no baying at the moon :)? If you have a close neighbor near your generator exhaust, please use an exhaust extension to avoid sending fumes into his windows.? When the weather is nice we like to open windows and we can't if all we get is diesel or gas fumes instead of fresh air.

This has been a very enjoyable rally thus far, with the largest group we've ever had.? It looks like the weather will hold through the weekend too.? Tom must know the right people :)
Good job to EVERONE who has put this together and runs it.  The Admiral and I are having a GRAND time at our first one.  Thanks for the rules reminders Ned!
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