Queen bed slide, 4 bunks, slide-out sofa or dinette

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lukesmama said:
That's what we're looking for -- does anyone own such a thing?

Thanks, everybody.

Don't own one but have seen a fair number of such at shows.  That is my advice, hit an RV show or two.  Beats schlepping around to dealers or hunting websites.
I own one!! I just bought it last week.  It has a queen size room up front w/ sliding door, not folding door.  The dinette and sofa slide out as one unit.  It has two sets of bunkbeds in the back w/ a door!  It is a Conquest 298 DBS from Gulf Stream and I love it.  http://www.rvvr.com/unit_details.php?ID=44    That is a link to a website that rents them w/ pictures of the inside of the trailer.  We upgraded from a Coleman Cheyenne popup, which we loved but it was to tight w/ 4 boys, 2 dogs and 2 adults.  I looked at Outback & Springdale trailers w/ queen and 2 bunkbed setups but I got such a good deal on mine I couldn't pass it up.

Good Luck!
Jayco Jayfeather 29A.  Brand new trailer and we are probably going to get one.  We learned about it when we were about to buy a different trailer. 

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