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Feb 1, 2006
We're in the market to upgrade from our Hybrid to a full hardside trailer.  Primarily because we live in Seattle. (Need I say more?)  We don't want to go too big, but we need a queen bed, at least 2 bunks, and I want a couch.  It seems like the models with the Queen bed slide would fit our bill.  We should be able to stay under 25 feet.  Does anyone have any advice on these?  Good or bad?  What to look for? Any advice on particular models?

We have a queen size slide in our motorhome, but I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions about trailer models with queen slides. Hopefully someone with a trailer of the size you are considering will jump in with some ideas.
I have a 2005 Nissan Titan that can pull up to 9400 lbs. but I don't want to go anywhere near that.  The one you sent me looks liike a 5th wheel.  I'm planning on sticking with a trailer because we need the canopy for the dogs.

I'd like to stay as short as I can because I don't want to be worrying all the time about where I'm parking and if I can get out.

Oops, didn't see the pictures, just the floor plan before I replied.  Saw the step and thought it was up over the hitch.

Aanyway, still think it too long for me at almost 28'

I'll keep looking.

Thanks again.
I just threw out a starter.  Look at the others in the Prowler line -- maybe a 24 footer.    And of course there is the Terry line, and a host of others.    Trailers as a rule are rather simple boxes and vacation use does not require a whole raft of quality to be frank.
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