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Oct 12, 2005
Hi Everyone! My husband and I are new to RVing- we just purchased a 2005 Fleetwood Bounder and are so excited! We plan on being full-time by this time next year! We have been spending our weekends outfitting the new home. I would like to get some feed-back from anyone who has changed out their regular queen size mattress for other options. In our stick house, we have been sleeping in a king-size full motion waterbed forever. We think that we would have a hard time adjusting to a "regular" bed again. Thanks!
We changed out the standard mattress in our coach to a dual air chamber mattress, similar to the Sleep Number bed we have at home.
We did the same thing as Tom, exchanged the mattress in our Blue Bird for a Sleep Number mattress. We really like it.

We just ordered another memory foam mattress topper for home, and our other Q topper is going in the motorhome, we have the Deluxe mattress, but there is nothing in the world like memory Foam!! it is absolute sheer Heaven!! started with Q pillows at home, then ordered a topper, even though we already had a really good fairly new mattress, the topper made it GREAT!!! No more pressure points, no Crick in the neck, no backaches, highly reccomend memory foam...Developed by NASA...when you lay on it, it perfectly aligns your entire body, like floating on a cloud, so No pressure points! it's not cheap but worth every dollar!
In most cases, the Mattress that comes with the coaches are too soft.  I for one like the Serta or Sealy, firm or extra firm.  We could not believe the difference a good mattress makes and how poor the ones that come with the coach are.  A queen is really nice and a king takes up too much space.

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