Question: dodge 5.7 foot bed and 5th w slides, work?

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Feb 4, 2006
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Hello all:
No patience on my part.... searched forum for post on "5.7 foot truck beds" and nothing except "5.7L" and "short bed trucks".

Looking at Dodge 2012 1500 CREW cabs and 5.7' truck beds..... I mean they look SHORT. Anyone with experience with 5TH wheel slides in this truck bed?
No personal experience, but I have seen 5'ers on the back on some really short boxes. Gonna definitely need a slider hitch, probably something on the order of a Pull rite.
We have a short bed dodge 3500. We are pulling a 2011 wildcat. The way that the front end of the wildcat is designed we have never had to use the slide on the hitch and have made some pretty short turns.
I would not attempt to tow a 5W with the 5'7" ultrashort box.  Even with a slider hitch. Some 5W are ok with the "short bed", but those are 6'6".

For any specific trailer, you need to measure from the hitch position to the back of the cab and compare that to turn radius of the trailer nose. Some of the trailers with a tapered nose might squeak by, but I wouldn't bet on it.
Thanks Gary and Roger H for your inputs.....

Looking at those 5.7' beds sure leads to concern about using a 5th wheel hitch. I will have to use "due diligence" if I get a truck with this bed size.
I would probably just not buy a 5TH wheel trailer. The Wildcat trailer maybe, after seeing it work in person. Looking at those 5.7' beds are sure small after looking at LONG bed for so long!

Agreed with Gary also.
We shopped and shopped, and quickly eliminated 5ers from our shopping list due to the 'maybe' factor with the 5'7" bed.
With a good WD hitch there are so many great TT choices, and they may have some benefits over 5ers such as lower wind profiles for MPG.
I believe with a Chevy/GMC or Ford you can get a 6'6" box with an extended cab and that usually has enough space for a 5W. At worst it needs a slider hitch or a Sidewinder-type pin box on the trailer.

Or move up to a 2500, which has a longer wheel base and you get a standard or long bed instead of the skimpy 5'7" one.
Have 2011 Ecoboost SuperCrew F150 short bed (5.5) and pull 27ft Wildcat fifth wheel. Truck does have heavy tow package. I searched for specific trailer to keep it within trucks weight range. Concerned about short bed I also researched all available sliders. I purchased a used SuperGlide #3100 and am absolutely thrilled with it's performance. No worry about locking and unlocking as it is all all automatic. Th only adder to the truck was a set of SuperSprings, not because of weight but to help with leveling truck.

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