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Oct 18, 2012
How do we find out if anyone lives close to you and if they (one or many) get together and meet up? I want to camp but not sure how to let others know or find out who is camping close by and can meet some new people?
Karen, folks usually just post a message saying where they'll be on a given (dates) and ask if anyone will be close by. Some folks include their location in their signature line, but don't always remember to update it when they move somewhere else.
Well, I winter in Upstate South Carolina, I'm currently within site of the 3 mile marker on I-85 (Though I'd need to break out the glasses to actually see it (Field Glasses that is)).

I spend most of the winter within 20 miles of this spot.

I guess the first thing is to let folks know where you are located. Then let them know where you will be camping. That will allow folks to respond if they can meet at the same time. Once you do that, I'm sure others will be responding.  :)
Awesome, thank you all for your help. I live in Monticello, FL, which is close to Tallahassee, FL. so I will be posting soon so I can meet lots of new friends. Whoohooo.  Karen
  We have found the "pro-active" way to be the most effective.  In other words, look for and attend any Rally that you can.  It is a great way to meet and get to know Framily members, and from there we have visited them, or had them come East to visit us.

One of our members, Seabreeze, is located near you, but he is traveling in North Carolina right now. I'm sure there are others in your area, and more traveling through there from time  to time.

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