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Jan 13, 2005
The RV Forum Quartzsite 2006 rally is winding down. Rigs have been coming and going, a number left yesterday and more leave today. Neither Chris nor I had anything to do with organizing the rally, which has been an annual event since Fred and Daisy organized the first QZ rally 12 years ago. But I'd like to thank a number of folks for everything that went into making this such a great event:

  • Jerry & Ardra Firzgerald for their detailed directions on how to get to the rally site.
  • Bob Buchannan for illustrating the directions and keeping track of rigs.
  • Helaine for blowing her whistle to keep us in order and her daily announcements.
  • Calendar Girl Betty Brewer for applying her organizational skills and establishing a schedule of events.
  • Fred Thomas for special announcements and for reminding us of folks who couldn't be here in person, but are in our thoughts and our memories.
  • Mike Coke for the rally badges.
  • Al Woods and Fred for leading trips.(Did I miss a trip leader?)
  • All the ladies for coming together to put on a great potluck.
  • Everyone who contributed great food for the potluck and the daily happy hour.
  • Don & Ken Miller for the nightly campfires and several folks who brought the firewood.
  • Several folks who took photos (apologies if I haven't yet uploaded all your pics).
  • This event would not be what it is without the great group of participants, their socializing and their help for fellow participants when folks needed it.

If I've inadvertently omitted someone, my apologies and feel free to get out a 2x4.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank the forum staff who daily answer forum members' questions and who work in the back room to make the forum what it is today. You can read a little about these folks by clicking on the Hosts button in the toolbar above. A big thanks also to numerous other contributors to the forum; You know who you are, some I've managed to thank personally, but many more I haven't got to thank.
We thank you Tom BIG TIME for all the time and effort you put in making this wonderfull RV Forum possible.? Your efforts are very much appreciated.

We also give a big Thanks to Chris for the support she give you.
Sharon and I add our thanks also!  To you Tom, for being our framily's guiding light, and to all mentioned in your thank you, and to each and every member of the framily for providing us memories that will last a lifetime.

Oh, and Tom, it ain't over "till the fat lady sings" (old basketball expression).  She ain't sung yet as there are 5 of us still here.  I think we get down to one on Saturday, when Karl will be left to guard Bob's fire ring.  One person is not a rally, so I guess it will finally finally be over on Saturday.  ;D

Every time I make any public gesture of thanks like that, either verbally or in writing, I inevitably leave someone out. At QZ last year I verbally thanked individual contributors to the forum and inadvertently ommitted at least one. This year was no exception and, for example, I forgot to acknowledge the folks who diligently picked up the trash every day and drove it to the dumpster. I hesitate to mention who they are for fear of leaving someone out.

BTW I understand about the fat lady, but there wasn't much singing at QZ. I've found that works better in smaller groups rather than a large group where folks are playing catchup because they haven't seen each other for a long time.
I think you are right about the singing.  I will keep biding my time at QZ each year, waiting for the "right moment" to introduce karaoke.  :D
Oh, one interesting item

On our last morning there we went to the Stagecoach for breakfast... As we were finishing up our meal in walked about 40 ladies all with red hats
Did you see any of our ladies coming back for a Red Hat redoubt?  ;D

Did you make Las Vegas OK John?  Please say hi to Judy and Donna for us!

I am up early this morning and getting ready to take the dish down.  We are finally leaving QZ (before sunrise) and headed out to Lake Havesu as our next stop.  That will Leave Karl behind as the last sole survivor of the 2006 RVForum QZ Rally.  Does that mean he wins a million dollars?  ;D 

We had a great happy hour with him last night as we watched the sunset, and then the stars, just the three of us, as we listened to some Donna Bogart music along with other eclectic selections on our outdoor Bose/Ipod.  The curtain finally comes down on a life changing experience for Sharon and I.  We have fallen in love with the desert and with all the memories of the fine people we have met here.

Ciao for now!  See you next year, same time, same place!!!  :D

Glad you and Sharon had a good time and that you enjoyed the QZ desert.  Did I mention to you once that QZ can be addictive? ???

Safe travels.
We're home! Made the last leg north from Bakersfield today.

Chris and I have each made what feels like 100 trips between the coach and the house, unloading everything that doesn't stay on board. Chris started cleaning two days ago, while we were camped somewhere. Now that the coach is empty she'll get to the rest of the dirt and dust that seems to permeate everything and everywhere. I have some maintenance and other things to do before we wash the coach and put it back in the stable.

Laundry is queued up waiting its turn. Hate to think how many loads it will take, although Chris already did three loads before we left AZ.

If I haven't adequately done so elsewhere, I'd like to thank all the participants for the wonderful time we both had. No, we don't like the dirt, but we love the people. In addition to renewing old acquaintances, we also enjoyed meeting folks for the first time.

The last couple of days we've both had severe sinus headaches which, for us, usually signals an oncoming sinus infection requiring 10 or more days of antibiotics. Chris reminded me that this has happened to both of us, either during or immediately after QZ and Moab the last two years, which suggests there must be something we're allergic to at these locations. But it won't stop us visiting Framily at more events.

Happy trails to all.

Your message reminds me of why we sold the house! :) Moving in and out just wouldn't work for us but it's not for everyone. Sorry to here that you and Chris are experiencing medical problems that might be related to your latest adventures. Hope you both recover quickly!!

Moving in and out just wouldn't work for us

LOL Jim, we're so used to it between the boat and the coach. As we pulled into Discovery Bay, I asked Chris if she was glad to be home; She nodded and said "I couldn't go fulltime".

We're crossing our fingers that the sinus infections don't hit this time. My first clue of Chris having a problem was when she asked me to drive the first half of the day yesterday. Normally, I can't get her from behind the wheel.

But, she can't sit still for long. Right now she's outside washing the Burb. One less thing for me to do tomorrow.
Ugh, I'm just the opposite. I've had enough of loading up the motorhome and unloading. My plan was to be fulltiming by June 2007. I've bumped that forward to December 2006. Asked Mike tonight if that was ok and he said "Huh? Sure".....wish I had that recorded! Thanks Lorna for the advice on getting rid of everything....I've already started piling up stuff in those 3 piles.
LOL Wendy, I doubt I could get rid of enough stuff or be able to take what I needed on the coach. When we bought the first coach in 1985 we thought it would be wonderful to retire and go fulltiming, but I guess our needs changed over the years. We now like having a home base with other things we can so easily do from here. OTOH we thoroughly enjoyed our 14 week, 10,000 miles maiden voyage in this coach.
I think I'm just tired of hurrying home from RV trips to go to work, tired of loading up and unloading the motorhome, sick of packing the suitcase and flying out at 6 am on business. I'm ready to go 60 miles a day or less!!!! I want to just sit in one place if it's a place I like, with everything I own in one place and having it not be a lot of stuff. I can't think of a single thing I missed having while we were in Quartzsite, including an overabundance of hot water. I want to spend Christmas this year in Death Valley and wouldn't it be lovely to go from there to the Quartzsite rally, traveling at a snail's pace? And, oh, to be the last one to leave...............

Sorry for rambling

LOL Wendy, just different strokes for different folks. BTW we haven't had to hurry home to catch an early flight out for the last 5 years.

Hot water, yes the first thing I did when I opened the garage door was light the water heater. No need to shower under a trickle of water, until the next trip.

When Bev is headed for mold country she begins a regimen of Flonase and Allegrea [any anti-histimine that works for you] until after you get home.

The 2nd suggestion is environmental. You live in the delta and play in and on the bay. Your body is tuned to having humidity and this is especially true of the sinuses. The cure? Humidifiers. at least two. ?You'll need to buy ?& stock purified water as you'll want to avoid buildup from the alkaline wanter of the southwest. Mine is with me and I breath heated, humidfird air all night. So does Russ and several other framily members. When I don't, I know it the next day.

Dont think about drinking local water from Van Horn to past Abilene TX. It's chewable.
Tom said:
BTW we haven't had to hurry home to catch an early flight out for the last 5 years.

Lucky you. I've got a 6 a.m. flight from here to Columbus Ohio next month followed by a 6 a.m. flight from Lexington, Kentucky, home a week later. I must be getting old, I used to like flying.
Thanks Bob,. Good point re the environmental change; It certainly is quite drastic and I hadn't thought too much about it. I'll have to try the anit-hystemine regimen and maybe even a humidifier when preparing for the Moab trip.

We always bring bottled drinking water.

BTW talking about being tuned to humidity, we used to joke that it rains 366 days a year in Wales. That's why Jack said something about Welshmen being rusty during the last VC  ;D
I don't miss flying one bit Wendy, either domestic or international. I spent too many years sitting in planes and living out of a suitcase. 2-3 weeks at a time of travelling from country to country can get old in a hurry. One time I called Chris from somewhere in Asia and, without complaining, she said "I haven't seen you for 6 weekends in a row". When she travelled internationally herself she developed a lot of empathy. OTOH the kids and their spouses had no idea how many hours I sat in planes for those freebie plane tickets they used to enjoy.
I second the humidifier reccomendation. You may remember me sneezing all day for a couple of days at QZ due to lack of adequate moisture in air overnight.

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