QZ 2006 Red Hat Luncheon

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Mar 3, 2005
Photo of the ladies Red Hat Luncheon from the top of a motorhome.



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The Meeting of the Forum Floozies? was called to order at 1:00? on 1/27/06 by queen mum, Helaine.

She read the Jenny? Joseph poem "Warnings"? about becoming old and learning to spit.? Marlene distributed a personality quiz which was competed by each with a pen donated by Lucy.? We totaled our traits and figured out our color.? Next we drew numbers for the? 30 "gifts."? The theme was tacky and that they were.? A new arrival to our group? mistakenly placed their gift on the door prize table thinking that our gifts were? "the trash pile."

The creative and funny? wrappings varied from paper towels in duct tape, to plain brown bags to cereal boxes, to? Budweiser cases, to plastic trash bags, to toilet paper and scotch tape ,to cartoon newspaper wrappings..? One plain black bag was mistaken for a? bag of dog poop.? It actually contained a very NICE tacky gift. Gifts were opened and exchanged as? numbers and luck would have it. Some were excited, some were disappointed with their gifts. Some gifts were stolen and? exchanged.? No one went home without a laugh.? ?The Losers of the most tacky gifts to be received were? secretly voted upon and? then awarded nicer gifts courtesy of Lucy.? Thanks goes to Lucy and? Ellen for their contributions of door prizes, plate napkins, table clothes? and great humor.? ?thanks to the new comers for? attending and Thanks to all for the the sense of humor and participation .? It is true girls just wanna have fun. Photos to follow as I relearn how to do it.

Minutes respectfully submitted,
Betty Brewer


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I want to thank each of the Red Hat ladies for making me feel so welcome at your event. I had never attended a Red Hat event before.  I appreciated the loan of a beautiful red hat, the delicious refreshments and tea, and the laughs we all had with the opening of the "tacky gifts".  It was quite a site to see all the purple and red outfits--so fun! You are all a great bunch, hope I will have the opportunity to join you again sometime.  Happy Traveling!  Kay
Oh My a man posting in the Red Hat folder.
Oh well here are some pics I took of you all.
More in next post
Also Wendy's camera has pics too but she still uses an old Film camera.



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Here are a few more

Forgot to mention if anyone wants a full size pic let me know.
Full res is 1600x 1200 post pics are 640x480


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