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Aug 24, 2006
I'm a 38yo Australian investor & trader based near Tokyo. Being a trader I'm keen on the idea of connecting a computer whilst rooming a country or two. I've bought a house outside Tokyo, the next step is to buy a RV and park it at that home for Japan use, before exporting it to NZ, Australia, USA or at a time. Of course I'm not going to lug a huge American style home around.....I like the idea of getting as much functionality into as smaller box on wheels as possible. I'm looking to purchase a converted Hiace, or the like, but I dont want the standard rubbish that comes with them. All I want to run is a laptop 8hrs a day, frig 24h, lights 5hrs, an electric cooker, toaster, and have a bed upstairs. Dont want flushing toilets & sinks, I'll use a bowl and taxpayer funded facilities. Though might I get mugged in the US doing that??  :-*
I like the idea of being able to park somewhere without attracting attention, and still with the capacity to go under trees and down 4WD tracks. Looking for that Wimax technology ( to deliver the internet everywhere I go.
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