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May 13, 2019
We're buying our first RV and I'm thinking of sewing the top sheets to the fitted sheet on all beds. DO you stretch out the elastic along the bottom as you sew so that the top sheet gathers and is able to move along with the fitted one as you make the bed? Any better suggestions?

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    This is a 9 plus year old string, with no comments since 2010.  You might be better to start a new string to get peoples attention.  You will still have the problem of the RV mattress being shorter than a normal house mattress.  My wife placed a tuck along the bottom of the fitted sheet so that it didn't fit loosely.  As for sewing the top sheet to the fitted sheet, I would expect that it could be done, but it won't be comfortable, but that is just our opinion.
    By the way, welcome to the Forum.

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