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Jul 30, 2013
Las Vegas, NV
Hey everyone....I'm Lisa and the Hubs and I have been doing our research as to our upcoming purchase.
Previously, we have rented (twice) a 27' motorhome just to see how much we loved it.  It's great to be able to get out of Las Vegas and take our dog with us! 

We're pretty much settled on buying a gently used 5th wheel and (likely) a 3/4 ton Ford F250 king or extra-cab for our tow vehicle.
We like the Jayco Eagle and the Keystone Cougar and the Montana.  We want to keep our length in the 30'-32' area and I really like the rear kitchen!

We're planning to be out visiting with you all during the months of June, July and August in the cooler climates (yes, that would be anywhere but Phoenix!  ;D ) and then over the holidays for a month or two at a time since we don't have family obligations.  I can't wait to see the gulf states! 

We love food, parties, wine, cocktails, jazz, traveling and playing with our dog, Flip.  I've got to arrange with our neighbor to pick up my junk mail (serious mail is all done on the net), then put the house in "lock down" since the Hubs just put Rolling Shutters on all the windows/doors---I think he's serious about this!

See you down the road,
Sounds great!  You have done a lot of the research that is usually suggested for new RV'ers, so keep it up.  Look at as many models as you can (online and in person), set a budget and stick to it, and browse around here while asking any questions you can think of.  :)
Thanks Scotty!

Roger that advice.  We are diligent researchers----learned our lessons while boating!  We had a 50' Hunter prior to buying a trawler.  So we're kinda familiar with the lifestyle.  I love this site!
Hey, Lisa!

Welcome to the crowd!

We will be in the Baton Rouge/New Orleans/Pensacola area this winter...lots to do, but it will still be cool but nice there around the holidays...we'll save you a view!

and then there's Mardi Gras!

Thanks Kim,

I bet it'll be gorgeous down there.  I know we'll make it some day.

I think we've found the 5th wheel we  if the Hubs can just make a decision on the truck he wants....

Be sure and run all the numbers on the weights so that you buy enough truck; learn about DOT codes for the age of tires; and also check out the library for "Pre-purchase" check lists.

Have fun!  ;D

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