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Sep 15, 2005
Do any of you have experience on fishing the camera cable up the back wall of a class A to hook up a rear view camera? ???
Mine came pre-installed so I can't help you... But I might have a suggestion

Just finished hooking up a SIDE VIEW camera... This was a low cost "Bullet" type camera (This is a simple camera that is something like a large bolt with wires coming out of one end and a lense in the other, Drill a hole about 1" or 1 1/4" (I don't know what size but I did have the proper drill) insert the camera, screw the nut down on the backside, hook it up and it works)

IT's right under the gas cap or filler door (in my case gas cap) so that when I select it,(It feeds video 2 on the back up mointor) and pull into a gas station... Well, all I have to do is center the pump on the screen and I'm where I want to be... 1st time, every time

I plan on a few more of these, but am looking for a lower cost supplier (this one was 27 dollars on E-bay, looking for 25 or less)
Drill a hole about 1" or 1 1/4" (I don't know what size but I did have the proper drill) insert the camera, screw the nut down on the backside, hook it up and it works)


Hook it up to what? Does your back-up camera have extra ports?
I am attempting to install a back-up camera system where there was none before.? This coach has never had a system.? The question I am searching for the answer to is how to get the camera operating cable to the top of the back wall of the coach.
I could string it up through the closets at the rear bedroom but would like to avoid that if I can.? I would like to run the wire inside the wall if possible.? Any ideas on this would be appreciated.
You may want to consider a wireless hookup.  transmitter at the camera and receiver in the cab and hooked to the monitor.  That way you only need to get power and ground to the camera.

What MH do you have.  Some have a conduit in the overhed that can be used, others it may be possible to go through the cooling ducts in the ceiling.  Still others can be snaked thatough the edge of the MH in the curve of the roof.  If all else fails, a conduit under the MH and cable up inside the ladder.  Think out of the box!  VBG
Jeff /Washington said:

Hook it up to what? Does your back-up camera have extra ports?

Yes, the Voyager system by Audiovox has two camera inputs. The only problem is a very special connector... I cut the special connector off of input 2 and spliced in standard phono type leads (RCA plugs) which will match up with most any video switch I wish to put in the line.

Thus input 1 is the original equipment, as wired at the factory

Input 2 (Switch selectable from the front panel) is currently my "Gas pump cam"

Over time I may add additional cameras to assist in manuvering in tight places, perhaps one closer to the front, and/or cameras on the other side of the rig, I'd like to have a "Clearance cam" which is positioned to check low bridges and the like for me.? And possibly a "Front view" this one would feed the main (Front) TV and/or the video distribution system so I could look out with full privacy shades in place... Actually it's so I can record what's happening in front of the MH when it's parked (As opposed to camped) it would look out on my new back yard.? Never know what happens there.? And computer //main at home (which will move to the mh) can store a couple of hundred hours of video w/o problems... //linux can too (it will be in the MH come january) it has other advantages when it comes to video though I may install a new OS and change it's name before January.

These extra cameras would all go into the mointor via input #2 but via a selector switch.  I can also switch them to either the main screen or via assorted routes to the video distribution system as well.  Very flexable there since everything is standard AV connectors
Thank you all for your responses.  I ended up routing the camera cable under the coach, securing it with tie-wraps along the way and running it up through the bedroom floor (under the bed) and thru the back of the side of the  hutch and up the back wall.  The cable is only exposed to the eye for about 8 inches and is hardly noticable.  The camera and monitor cost less than $100 bucks and works very well.
It even has audio.  The monitor itself is a 5" B/W that is mounted on the dash to the right of the instrument panel and is not in the way at all.  It is wired to come on automatically when the coach is in reverse.  But, it does have a "manual" switch to allow viewing any time.
This set-up is THE BEST rear view mirror on the whole rig.  I can watch all activity to the rear with no blind spots.
I highly recommend EVERYONE doing this add-on modification.


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