Recommendations on an 18' or smaller travel trailer

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Jul 2, 2006
New to the game of RV'ing.  We are looking for a small travel trailer to take the place of our tent.  We have been shopping around a bit and each person we talk to gives us some contrsdictory info. Ex: wood vs. aluminum,etc..etc.. we will be towing the trailer with a 2005 Toyota Tacoma, withthe tow package it has a 6500 pound tow capacity.  One place offered to sell us a 29 foot House on Wheels and we promptly left that establishment.  Any advice would be welcomed.
Discount the tow rating by 10% or 20% if towing in the mountain or Pacific west.  Buy a trailer with a gross vehicle weight of less than that --- 5858 lbs or 5200 lbs.  There are alot of trailers in the 24 foot class on down in that category.  Go shopping.
Thank you for the information!  We're going shopping tomorrow.  What do you or anyone else think about the 18' Fun Finder by Shadow Cruiser?
You might want to consider the Fun Finder T-210. It's got much more room to grow into, nicer floor plan, and the cargo capacity is more than double that of the 18 footer -  1/2 foot wider too. Of course, you wouldn't be able to utilize all that extra weight capacity with your present tow vehicle, but you'll have it when you upgrade the puller. The dry weight is 3390, so you'll still have a around 2500 lbs cargo capacity using Carl's weight recommendations.

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