Reese Hitch Bends

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Jul 12, 2006
Anyone have a problem with the metal plates bending?? During our last trip leaving the beach, the brass arm attached to the TT (just under the reese emblem) snapped.

This picture was taking the weekend before the arm snapped.? The dealer replaced the arm, upon inspection, DH discovered, the other side was also bending.



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Wow, I have fifteen years on my Reese springbars and no sign of anything.

Those bars look a bit light.  What is there rating -- they should be rated higher than the tongue weight of the trailer.
DH isn't around to ask the rating, where would I find this?  This was dealer supplied.  When looking at the Class Three ball on the TV, it is angled downward which (I don't think is right).  But again, it is the faith of the dealer.
I get the feeling that this is a relatively new unit.  Maybe it is time to invoke warranty.  As far as identifying the rating of the spring bar, get ahold of Reese Products.  In any case, I would expect a spring bar to fail by francture not bending.  That sounds like a defective temper in the bar.

Hub wasn't sure of the ratings.  Yes, this was covered via the dealer, (we have a 5 year warranty on all). I still  think the dealer installed the hitch incorrectly, the line up looked too low, which caused the damage.  Initial installation the hitch was so low, it bottomed out. 
Ach zo!  Banging the bar on the road at full speed could well cause it to bend!  The rig should be installed so that on a level surface, the trailer is level and so is the tow vehicle.  Trailer level is set by using an adjustable or properly stepped drawbar.  Truck level is adjusted by proper tensioning of the properly rated spring bars.  For a run down on how that is done, see our library.  You may not do it yourself but you can learn to tell when it is properly done. 

In any case, invoke the warranty now if you have not already done so.

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