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Oct 12, 2012
99 Winneabgo Chieftain 34y,

Just bought at camping center two weeks ago fridge was working or at least felt cold.  Had a safety inspection done and truck a/c service finally had it home plug into house and turned on fridge at panel but no cold.  Meter has green light showing power to fridge, fridge shows green light for ac and temp indicator went to coldest.  did anything get tripped or anything to look for before contacting dealer.

Parked on slope but within 6 degrees fore and aft and 3 degees left and right
Try switching it to gas and see if it starts getting cold.  The freezer will cool down first, followed by the refrigerator.  You should be able to feel the freezer getting cold within the first 20 minutes, but even a properly operating refrigerator will take several hours to entirely cool down.

If you feel cold when running on gas, you've eliminated the cooling system itself as a problem, and narrowed things down to the electric heating element or it's control circuits.
6 degrees of slope sounds like a lot.  The danger is that if the refer is on too much of a slope, the ammonia can drain out of the burner, causing the burner to fail.  I would shut off the refer and try to level out the coach, then restart the refer after it has had a chance to sit level for at least 24 hours. 
thanks for the replies there is a cautuion for being greater than six degrees mine is sitting in the driveway at 5 degrees
6 degrees is the front-back tilt on the fridge, but that's sideways on the RV. You need to be within 3 degrees on the fridge side-to-side, which is the fore & aft level on the RV.
got the leveling blocks out and sure enough working I guess ths newbie learns something new everyday
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