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Jul 25, 2005
In May 2001, I bought a REMCO Hydraulic braking system which, among other things, required installation of REMCO brake cylinders in our Toad, by cutting the hydraulic brake lines and installing the REMCO unit "in series" with the brake lines of the VW Jetta Toad.

About 18 months later, I experienced TOTAL BRAKE FAILURE with the VW Jetta because of a leak that had developed in the hydraulic lines that were modified by the REMCO "authorized agent".  The brake pedal simply went to the floor!  Luckily, I avoided an accident by using the handbrake on the vehicle.

I had the problem repaired at a local REMCO agency near Phoenix, AZ, which cost me about $100.00.  All was well until (about 8 months later) an exactly similar hydraulic failure occurred.  This time, I had the problem resolved by a very local mechanic rather than the REMCO agency which was 70 miles from my location (another $120.00).

Then, about another 8 months later, while we were on an RV trip, the brakes again failed totally, due to the same hydraulic failure involving the REMCO modification.  This time, it occurred while we were in the car on the Garden State Parkway in suburban New York City on a Friday evening at about 5-PM.  This unexpected brake failure nearly caused us to have what probably would have been a fatal accident! (I found a local mechanic who resolved the problem for another $125.00)

REMCO's position on this is "our hydraulic brake systems are safe, and you must have another problem".  They showed absolutely NO interest in trying to diagnose the problem further.  I exchanged several E-Mail messages with their so-called "CEO" who categorically denied any responsibility. I tried to go thru the Good Sam "Action Line", but even though REMCO never answered their inquiries, they never published my issue.  Then I noticed that REMCO is a major advertiser in the Good Sam monthly publication.  I can figure out the rest!

My message to RV'ers:  DO NOT LET ANYONE CUT THE BRAKE LINES IN YOUR TOAD VEHICLE FOR ANY REASON!  Also, DO NOT TRUST REMCO.  They act great up to the time of the sale, but if you have a problem, their CEO denies responsibility and hides behind his desk!

Bottom line:  I will never trust REMCO for anything related to an RV again.  If you are considering REMCO equipment, be VERY CAREFUL!
I went with the Unified Gear system... No cutting of brake lines (The only one they cut is the vaccume line to the booster,, They install an electric booster pump)

Very nice system.  Like it a lot
Sorry to hear about the Remco "attitude" Phil.  :mad:

I have the Brake Buddy system, so don;t have to worry about hydraulics. 

But I do have another Remco product... the axel lock conversion so that I can tow our Taurus.  So far it both drives and tows flawlessly.  Up until your post I have heard very good things about Remco.  I hope things don't go south on us.

Very sorry to hear about your trials and tribulations.
Gee, maybe they need to amend the website?

?The thing that REMCO decided early on was that we were going to make a quality product that we didn?t have to make any excuses for, and if we did have a problem, we were going to go out of our way to make sure people were taken care of in a fair way, and deal with it in that regard.? And, hopefully, that?s what?s happening still.?

Alan D. Cohoon, President

With repeated failure, (I assume you are replacing the aux brakes at this point), my thoughts are that whatever the Remco unit is on must be vibrating on a different cycle that the other unit.? Vibrations between them would flex the lines, and could cause breaking or cracking.? Has anyone determined that the remco unit is solid to the car?? Or mounted on some sort of isolator??

I just went back to their site, it looks like they no longer have braking systems?  Hmmm

This is the first real negative report I have ever seen regarding Remco products.  I you feel that Remco is at fault have you reported the condition/experience to the feds?  I believe you can do report it at this website . As Bill indicated it sounds like a possible vibration condition is causing the hydraulic line or component to break.
I also have a REMCO axel lock on my Lumina... Very nice, tows well, does not run up millage, Drives normally

Axel was professionally installed

Re: Complaints about REMCO products

The transmission lube pump was recommended for my car.I overroad due to hearing about pump failures here in the forum

The axel lock is fool proof... Long as I remember to operate it

As for the brake problem......

It is entierly possible REMCO is right and the problem is with the car's brake lines and/or the installer's skill

On the other hand......... REMCO may be wrong too

I agree completely.  The Axle lock is a marvel.  Driving, we cannot tell any difference at all from pre installation.  Towing, it is flawless.

My one fear is that I will forget to disengage it before towing.  :eek:

I have found that the easiest way to confirm that the tow set up is OK is to put the coach is drive and keep your foot off the accelerator. If the coach inches forward you are ok, if it is held back, like the brake is on, you probably didn't release something in the toad ;)
Since my last posting, I learned that the installer of the REMCO brake cylinders in the TOAD mounted them on the "floating" side of the vehicle's engine motor mounts, which means that the stainless steel hydraulic lines between the REMCO cylinders and the unit's ABS brake unit, mounted on the chassis, just 8 inches away, are subjected to ALL the engine's "floating" vibrations.  No wonder the brake lines now have failed for the 5th time. The Remco-Authorized installer was B&B Fabricating in Farmington, NH.  Their most recent communication with Remco about this issue got the response that "there is no problem if the Remco cylinders are mounted on the floating engine mounts, and there should be no safety or failure hazard".  Meanwhile, our $20,000 automobile has been rendered unuseable due to the brake failure hazard. 

A year ago, I tried to resolve this issue through the Good Sam "Action Line"; a process which took nearly 10 months!  During this time, Remco never responded to any of their numerous inquiries.  Finally, they never published this problem, even though it involves potential life-threatening safety issues. Hmmm.... Remco is a big advertiser in the Good Sam monthly publication.  Go figure! Action Line was useless for resolving this issue.  You should think about this before sending Good Sam any more membership money.  FMCA might be a great alternative.

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