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Remco is one of the few companies who know exactly what they're doing.
Smoky said:
Is this a good company?? Is it safe to let them put an axle lock on my Taurus axle?

Probably one the best and one of the most knowlegable company when it comes to towing solutions.

As Tom and Ron have alluded to, Remco Towing is truly a reliable and expert company in the field of towing your car.? I consider Remco as the ultimate authority on which car can or cannot be towed, and recommend folks call Remco rather than ask a car dealer or even the car manufacturer whether a particular make and model can be towed...and what might be the towing requirements.

Based on my experience with them, they will provide the most accurate info.

Please let us know the result of your inquiry.
OK.  Looks like the first thing I do when I leave the dealer after delivery is go to Remco in Annapolis and have an axle lock put on my 2003 Taurus wagon.
Smoky said:
OK.? Looks like the first thing I do when I leave the dealer after delivery is go to Remco in Annapolis and have an axle lock put on my 2003 Taurus wagon.
Have you called Remco to make sure they have a axle lock for your car?  Why not have this done before the coach is delivered so the car will be already to tow?

Per your suggestion I have been talking to Remco people in Annapolis.  See my new thread on selecting toad brakes.
Ron said:
Smoky said:
OK.  Looks like the first thing I do when I leave the dealer after delivery is go to Remco in Annapolis and have an axle lock put on my 2003 Taurus wagon.
Have you called Remco to make sure they have a axle lock for your car?  Why not have this done before the coach is delivered so the car will be already to tow?

My plans: I've called REMCO and verified that they do have an axel lock (or rather they make one) that fits my Lumina APV, Note folks you have some transimssion options on the Lumina APV, Remco makes an axel that fits exactly one of those options... The one I have according to my dealer (who replaced the tranny about 100,000 miles ago,, bought time for another)

I plan on driving the Lumina to General RV when the Intruder comes in and driving it home... First trip (IF I take it right away) I'll hop over to U-Haul (Darn near across the street) and rent a trailer (all wheels off the ground) and put my wife's car on it.  That will be a one weekend, thing, Returnign the trailer a couple of days (and about a hundred dollars) later I'll pick up the Lumina with the Damon and tow it home
Last May we called Remco prior to purchasing a 2005 PT Cruiser GT convertible.? They assured us that it could be towed safely with their pump so we purchased the vehicle.? We had their? pump installed at the dealer they recommended.? It failed within the first 400 miles leaving us stranded next to the interstate.? This happened on July 4th weekend and no one was open especially Remco.? We rented a tow dolly and towed it 1250 miles.? We finally reached Remco and they gave us the name of their dealer in San Diego.? No help other than that.? They could have cared less!? The service manager at the second dealer remarked to the owner "another Remco failure" when we arrived.? They installed a new pump that Remco provided and we got stuck with the labor which was typical of Remco's response.? ?Remco was not at all interested in our problem.? We then towed the PT another 250 miles and the alarm went off again.? We were stuck by the interstate and soon learned that this time it had ruined the transmission.? We made repeated calls to Remco and the best we received from them was send the transmission to us and maybe we might do something.

They also said that this was the first 2005 PT with a pump.? Funny, I remember them saying it could be towed safely.? First lesson learned when Remco tells you it will work fine their R&D is being performed on your car.? You are the one at risk.

We were stuck 2000 miles from home.? Remco's customer service was pitiful and totally non existant.? We ended up having to wholesale the car.? Loss on vehicle, tow charges, cost of transmission was north of 10,000.00.? Second lesson learned is to carry an extra $10,000.00 with you if you are going to tow with a Remco product.? Furthermore, expect to lose a substantial part of your vacation because you are going to have to solve the problem totally on your own.? Remco will be no help.

The only way I would tow with a Remco product is to also tow a trailer or tow dollar behind the tow vehicle.? You will need it sooner or later.? If you have towed with a Remco product and had no problem you have been lucky.

Best advice on this forum is to purchase a tow vehicle that does nto require modification.

Back to square one?

What say everyone else?

We owe $14,000 on the Taurus.  It is not economically feasible to buy a new toad.  When I presented this dilemma last month every said that while having a toad that does not need conversion is the best case, that in my case, I could trust Remco as the best in the business.  I do not need a lube pump, but an axel lock.

Anyone else have second thoughts and want to reverse their opinion and suggest I spend $32,000 to get an $18,000 toad?  I am not trying to be funny.  This is a serious issue with me and up until now I had every bit of faith and confidence in Remco.

This last message is devastating to me.

In a private message I am sending you the name of a contact person with whom you can further discuss your situation and concerns.  Until the post by Carguy, I can't recall anyone reporting problems like he experienced.  Perhaps things have changed at Remco, but I hope not as they have had a good reputation thus far.

Though did they not recall a front wheel drive disconnect a few years ago following some failures?
Thanks for the comment Steve.  Carguy indeed send the research down an unexpected path.  I am sure he tells a true tale, but since it is the first such kind I have seen, I am hopeful it is an anomaly.  It is an attention getter though, and as a result I will do some more checking.
The test of a great company is not what they say and do when they are selling something, but what do they do when their is a problem with what they have sold.  Since having this terrible experience it is interesting how many others this has happened to.  Their attitude was shocking to me.  Never did I hear I am sorry this happened to you, instead a continual chorus of not our fault.....  Funny, car worked great until their product was installed by their dealer.

My comments are based on my actual experience.  Also, I am not exactly a newbie.  I will take delivery of my 10th coach in September.  I have towed vehicles behind my motorhome well over 600,000 miles over the years.
This is the very first negatie comment I have read about Remco.  I have seen many many positive comments about them in the past. Either something has changed at Remco or something else has happened.  If I were Smoky I would contact Remco and ask some very direct questions.  Personnaly If I was in the market for a modification required to pull a toad 4 down I would still trust Remco.  I may ask more questions but I wouldn't just write them off without giving them a chance. 

In my case however I am a sincere believer in not buying a vehicle, that I intend to tow, that requires modification to the drive train.  Having said that I surely would not replace an existing vehicle if somebody like Remco has a viable solution to making it towable.


No one here is defending Remco and we certainly don't have any vested interest in the company.  The purpose of the Forum is to hear all comments, good or bad...for and against so one can be armed with information before making a choice.

As you well know, Remco is generally well regarded in the RV community and is considered as a reliable source for information.

That being said, companies do change, management policies and attitudes change and perhaps something has gone wrong over there.  The other possibility with your unfortunate situation could be the installation  Are you convinced the installation was correct?

As you correctly stated, the value of a company is in its support after purchase and based on your report the attitude you encountered is intolerable.

Have you contacted anyone in senior management there to register your displeasure?  If so, what was the response?
I tried this afternoon to find the phone number of Remco HQ.  However I could not find it anywhere on their web site.  It is obvious that they want all specifics handled through their dealers.  I have no problems with that, except there ought to be some sort of contact number for Remco for questions like these.

They do have email service, so tonight I am sending them an email, asking for a phone number to call explaining I want to find out what the HQ position is on warranties.

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