Remember the PocketCom XB-100 CB radios?

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May 4, 2005
Adelaide, South Australia
I went to sleep last night trying to think of the little radios that we had used on this run.
This morning I recalled I still had one or two in my cupboard, at one time I had 6 running around. Yep, still got it!  PocketCom XB-100!  Remember them from the late 70's early 80's? Attached is a snap of an original unit.
Mine looks a tad different. Those N sized batteries were a pain both to buy and fit so with judicial use of velcro and an AA battery holder I was able to give the units considerably extended operating power. I also set them up with a rubber ducky antenna so that flimsy thin extendable antenna wasn't waving around either poking folks in the eyes or getting broken off.
What a fun little unit they were, and so well made, even came with a decent circuit diagram in the instruction book.
Alas, just a part of radio history now.


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