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Mar 3, 2019
Hello everyone,
I am new here.  Did a bunch of search earlier and did not find what I was lookinh for so decided to post.
I have a 1998 Fleetwood Flair and I will be re-coating the roof this spring with Liquid Rubber ot Dicor product.  I believe I have an EDPM roof.  What is the best method to remove the old flaked off the coat before applying the new coating.  Does all the old paint coat has to be completely sanded (I meant gently brushed off)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Attached are some photos for reference.  Thank you


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Welcome to the RV Forum Charlie9ner

I can tell you that anything that's loose will have to be removed. And if you have any silicone type sealant in the area you will have to remove it as well. Nothing will stick to silicone.

Beyond that I will let others chime in that have more knowledge on roof repair.
More info:  I heard back from Fleetwood, my model has a rubber roof construction made by Alpha.  I believe the flakes peeling off must be from previous coating that has deteriorated.
If it truely that bad your best choice is complete tear off and replace.  Yea, I know not what you want to hear but, anything else is just going to be a horribly expensive band aid.

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