Removing Decals from the Cap

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3M makes a product for removing decals. Google '3M decal remover' and you should find it.  Heat, as in a hair dryer, and a scraping tool that isn't too sharp (hard wood or plastic) should complete the tools.
For any decal removal, I just scrape off the decal carefully with whatever won't scratch the surface to which the decal was applied.  Sometimes if you get it started most of it will pull off.  Then remove the leftover adhesive with methyl hydrate.  I don't think the methyl hydrate will do anything to the material that the cap is made of but you can check on a small inconspicuous corner area to see what happens.

I use a snap on tool called the crud cutter. It is a gum eraser powered by air. They make the same tool for taking off pin striping and such. 1 hour max decal and glue gone on a front cap. Takes it right down to bare paint/gel coat no scratching, no heating (works best in the sun).

Wayne and Donna
I use to work in a sign shop and removing was part of my everyday work. A good hair dryer or heat gun is the place to start. If you can do it on a good warm sunny day the heat from the sun will help. Start pulling the decal off from one point and pull easy as you heat the area ahead. If you get the decal too hot it will melt, you are trying to heat the body and allow the glue to release from the body.  A NEW single edge razor blade scraper is next to help remove spots left behind, must do this very careful or you will cut into the body. After it all removed then use  good (Goo B Gone) product to help clean the surface of glue. Then you need to use Rubbing alcohol several times to finish the clean up. Also use the rubbing alcohol just prior to applying any new decals. Good luck with the work.....
Hey guys, RV Tech here,
Ok Removing decals.  Use a heat gun to warm decal to activate glue.  Just very warm to the touch. Keep heat gun moving.  Carefully use razor scrape or plastic putty knife to start decal removal.  While pulling decal heat area 4 to 6 inches in front of pulled up area.  You will get a feel for how far to heat and how hard to pull.  Finish up with "First Kleen" solvent to completely remove glue. Buy his at O'Rielys auto parts store. It's fifty dollars a gallon, but it goes a long way.  Be sure to wash area completely and wax it also. 
Remove decals

You don?t need a chisel or even a razor blade to remove old decals, bumper stickers, or cellophane tape. Just spray them with WD-40, wait about 30 seconds, and wipe them away.

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