Repairing cabover

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Sep 9, 2009
My husband and son are repairing the entire cabover. All of the wood has rotted out so it is completely gutted. In rebuilding, we can't figure out what material covers the blue Styrofoam, it almost looks like cardboard, but it is so rotted we can't tell. We think it is luan, but how can we get the luan to bend around the curve? Any suggestions??

tc tom

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Jun 19, 2010
There is a plywood made for bending. It is sometimes referred too as bending plywood or (old school) bending birch. Some high end cabinet shops may stock it, if not they could order it for you. depending on how tight the bend is you might also try what is called a door skin. It is usually luan and very thin. Home Depot use to stock it and it was relatively inexpensive. If H.D. doesn't t have it a real lumber company may or they can order it. Hope this helps.

Happy camping. Tom
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