Researching ultralite 5th wheels & TT's

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Jul 23, 2006
Mornin' from the Northeast!? My husband and I are still doing our research on exactly which RV we're going to settle with.? We'll be purchasing next year with our income tax return.? Can anyone give me some info on the new Ultralite 5th wheels and TT?? We're also going to need to buy a tow vehicle as well.? Still researching on that as well.? God bless the internet!!!!? How on earth did we accomplish all this research prior to the internet???

Thanks in advance for any advice.? Have a great day! ;D
Welcome to RV Forum. 

We have a number of threads that cover your problem -- browse around the forum  Here is one pretty closely and has my ideas on buying tow vehicles and trailers.  Click HERE

You will also find the Trailer Life Tow Rating Tables invaluable.  They can be found in the Tech section HERE

Use the ratings with a 10% safety factor for towing in the East, 20% for towing in the mountain and Pacific west.  Use the trailer's Gross Vehicle Weight Rating for a trailer weight.

Good luck in your search.
Welcome to the RV Forum.  I see Carl has already pointed you to information already available here.  If your questions aren't answered there please feel free to ask any additional questions and we will try to address them.  Lot of experience here among the members and we are willing to share information.    Thanks for joining us.

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