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Jan 11, 2013
Hello, I'm new to this forum and have tried to find information regarding my question, but haven't found a match, so I'm hoping this works.

If one owns a house, it provides some benefits, such as a "homestead exemption" from debt collection, etc.  If that house is sold, and one lives full time in an RV or 5th wheel, on perhaps a combination of rental property, national forest, etc there a procedure or policy for declaring that RV as your official, one and only, home ...with the associated protections?

Google this "rv homestead exemption"  you will find the answer is yes and no.

If you live full time in an RV, and claim Florida as a residence, you will not get a homesteaders exemption unless you also own a property that has kitchen and bath facilities. We are fulltimers and own a lot in Florida with a screen room and shed and the exemption does not apply.
The stuff you are asking about is legislated at the state level, so we need to discuss it in the context of the state where you want to claim domicile. Technically it doesn't have to be the same state where the RV is titled, but in practice it is difficult to be otherwise.

Without a fixed residence, domicile gets to be a very murky question. And in most states an RV used as a primary residence won't get the benefit of state laws designed to protect a "homestead" because the homestead is typically associated with the land rather than the dwelling. On the other hand, the civil & constitutional rights that apply to your "home" will apply, just as they would apply to a rental apartment.

If you are talking about Florida, there is an official document called a Declaration of Domicile, but it won't make your RV into a "homestead".
Thank you all for the responses!

Based on my lack of success finding the answer I figured there was no easy answer.  However, you have given me perhaps some new paths to check on.
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