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Feb 9, 2013
Minneapolis, Minnesota
I?ve just joined and am digging in to the wealth of information here. If you?re new to exploring the options of RV?ing like I am, the volume of information can be overwhelming.

To organize all of the posts / comments applicable to my search, I?m using a free application called ?evernote?. (I don?t work for them)

It?s very easy to use. Just copy and paste. The information is easily searchable and automatically synchronizes to my smartphone. Pretty handy when I?m out looking at a used RV and I need a checklist or some other comment on a make/model!

For example, I learned here that a Winnebago ?Mini? is NOT the same as a ?Minnie Winnie.? Private sellers and even dealers sloppily use the term ?Minnie Winnie? for them both. I have the fact sheets in evernote, thus my phone too.  I just looked at one on craigslist that is described incorrectly.
There's no reason to use an external source to organize and search our forum content. Just click the Search button in the toolbar above (not the Search box in the upper right of your screen).
Good point. I actually use both.
The search tool here is excellent. Then I organize information specific to the types of RV's I'm looking at in evernote.
It's just an added step to keep it all organized and available on my mobile.

I'm another Evernote fan - it's a terrific tool to extract info I want to carry around with me and it also automatically replicates the data to all my devices (smartphone, two tablets and two desktop PCs).

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