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Oct 27, 2006
We own a 1984 avion, 30 foot, with queen bed. We love it. I can buy a new rig, but really like the way this one tows, and the way it is built. It's a classic.
We have replaced all the appliances, except the microwave which we hardly ever use. My biggest challenge has been repairing the rock guard, since they are not made anymore by the Manufacturer, and only an expensive aftermarket is available.
Today, my son and I mixed up some resin, and fiberglass, and shaped the missing place in the rock guard out of 1/4 inch metal mesh fabric. We pop-riveted it in place, then started laying the fiberglass in place, and slopping on the resin. Worked great. I am sitting here waiting for it to solidify, then will take it outside to paint.
We used up a ton of Nytrile gloves, but it was worth it.
After we return home, I will probably look for a new microwave. We have a big furnace, and bigger fridge, and a new stove/oven.
Wife is pretty happy with it.
I was surprised at how well pop rivets work. I may use them more.

Pop rivets are a great invention - I don't leave home without them!  ;)  Well, without my pop rivet tool, at any rate. I figure I can always buy the size rivet I need if I carry the tool.

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