Retired and looking for a good used Motorhome, Class A, Diesel pusher, 38ft plus

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Oct 12, 2012
Hi, My name is Bob. I spent my first 48 years in the Phoenix, AZ and now live in Central Kentucky. I have recently retired and am looking for a motorhome to do some traveling and to go south and west for 2 to 3 months in the winter.
I am looking at used Class A Motorhomes with the following
38ft plus in length
Diesel Pusher
3 or more slide outs
Full glass windshield, Worried about looking through divider and windshield washers.
Would also like Satellite TV
I an currently looking at coaches 2005 or newer with less than 35,000 miles.
I would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions concerning manufacturers and mileage. I can't afford a new coach, but don't want to get into serious problems and repairs. Also what are the must haves and what is not needed.
Thanks in advance for your assistance.

I would look more at 2003's.  If you can find a 2005 with a pre-egr motor, that would be a great find and would be worth a premium.  EGR is a system they put on diesel engines in 2004 to meet emission standards.  An EGR equipped engine visits the shop 3 times more often than a non-egr motor. 

Make sure you're happy with the floor plan and it's been kept up, then enjoy your new home.
I have a 38ft Phaeton (2003) That I am thinking about putting on the market. Has 69,000 miles, but has been serviced well. I would be willing to talk.
FWIW, for us, the windshield divider strip is a non-issue. Doesn't really block your view at all. YMMV if course. Not sure what you mean by windshield washers blocking your view?
Not sure what you mean by windshield washers blocking your view?

I am sure he means 'windshield wipers' that do not park horizontally but stay vertical or off to the left/right.

IMHO, these are not a problem for visibility as they are off to the sides, it is just a matter of getting used to them being there.

As to a single piece windshield, that 2 part windshield may be more appreciated after checking prices for replacements. Again, likely just getting used to that join being there is the key, we are all spoiled by modern cars it seems.
Also what are the must haves and what is not needed.

That is almost completely a personal choice. Start by making lists, assigning features to "Must Have", "Really Want" (but not a deal breaker), "Nice to have", and "Don't want under any circumstances" (the automatic deal breakers).  Don't be afraid to write the lists down, and to move things to difference categories as you shop around and get a better feel for what is available and what you like.

For example, you appear to have made the one-piece windshield a "Must Have", wheeras I would have made it at most a "Nice to have".  Neither of us is wrong - it's just a personal thing.

You will find that most everything in an RV is a tradeoff. You can have most anything you want in an RV, but you can't get everything you want because there simply isn't enough room.

With 3+ slide outs, I would highly recommend a model with the bay doors hinged at the side rather than the top. Makes access to the bays much easier for those doors that are under the slides. However, this would not apply if the storage bays are the type that move in/out with the slide. That type holds less, but it always easily accessible.
I personally would check out Ebay if I were looking to buy. They must have a hundred or more to look over, and I noticed some good prices as well since the summer season is over.
Thanks for the information.
I am now looking at a 2004 Gulfstream Atrium 8410 Diesel pusher with less than 10K miles and priced at about $80K. Any thoughts, concerns or experience with with this motorhome manufacturer or model?  Thanks
That motorhome has done lots of sitting and little running and may have a few problems associated with that. Gulfstream's quality has had some ups and downs over the years as well.

As with any coach, a thorough inspection should be carried out by some knowledgeable persons both on the chassis side and the RV side.

As for prices, a search on that make and model might reveal other similar ones for sale and give you some ideas. You can also try
With NADA, do NOT put in options and bear in mind that their pricing is based on depreciation and not on actual sales.

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