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Jun 2, 2005
My 91 Winnebago Chieftain has a developed a case of "lazy step" in that it won't fully retract when the door is closed. Close, but no cigar. Is this something that I can adjust, or is it dealer time? Thanx again for all your help.
Best bet is cleaning and lubrication... Both the owner's manual on my Kwick Step, and the dealer at the time of delivery stressed the importance of lubrication of the step, they really stressed it, and stressed it some more

I'd take a can of Kwick Lub and go at it, work the step manually, and go at it See if it improves,  Also do a visual inspection to make sure nothing is bent, damaged, way too rusted (Wrie brush rust off) or blocked by something that does not belong there.

One thing it's likely not is an adjustment
Your battery is probably about to go. The steps require a full 12 volts. Anything less, and the step will just sort of retract. Put a set of jumper cables on your RV then try the step. I'll bet it wil work just fine. Then get a new battery :)
That is a good idea.  I would try lubricating the step first and if that doesn't fix it then try the battery jump.  I have seen steps act the same way due to needing lubrication  and once due to a bad battery.

A bit late for this thread but it is possible the brushes are worn in the motor.  Drawing too much current.  Easy repair=find a repair shop and the brushes are most likely the same as a windshield wiper motor. $40 vs. $400 for a new unit. 
Most likely cause is corrosion. Disconnect the power from the unit and disconnect the arm attaching the motor arm (located on the gearbox) to the step mechanism. Spray all operating mechanism bearings liberally with Liquid Wrench and manually operate the step in and out fully several times. Repeat as necessary until you find no rust on your cleaning rags, then dry thourougly and lubricate with a good lithium grease and work it into the bearings by manually operating the step several more times. Reconnect the actuating arm and you should be in business. Occcasionally the gearbox lube will dry out or there won't be enough there to contact the gears. Simply remove the cover plate screws, remove the cover, scrape out the old lube, and repack with the same lithium grease. That should take care of it. Battery going bad is possible but unlikely; especially if your other 12v stuff is working o.k. The step controller has a 6-8 second timer in it which will shut the unit off to prevent damage to the motor or step assembly. That's probably why it stops when partially extended or retracted - again due to corrosion slowing down the operating cycle time.
Your problem is a bad ground. Remove and? clean the ground connection from the unit to the step frame then do the same from the step frame to a solid ground connection on the frame of the coach.Only after that does not improve the operation should you check the batteries.
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