Rig is level but stove isn't

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Jul 26, 2015
I like to cook, and one of the reasons I chose my current rig was for the huge L shaped kitchen. But if you like to cook nothing is more irritating than a stove which isn't level - put a little oil in a pan and everything runs to one side. That's the case with mine, and I suspect others. When my rig is perfectly level, the stove tilts towards the back, which is the left side of the rig. I even tried setting up the rig out of level to the right a couple degrees, which solved the out of level stove issue. But now with the rig out of level cabinet doors would swing open or closed.

So I began to think of how I could level the stove and came up with an easy and cheap solution. I purchased 16 3/16" flat washers, just large enough to fit around the stove grate legs. I slipped eight around each of the two grate legs on the low side and presto! Level stove.

It's the little things  :)


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That's a slick idea.  Your fluids will be level now in the pans, but will the heat be dispersed evenly under the pan?  ::)  I'd take the level pans as you have done.  :)
SpencerPJ said:
will the heat be dispersed evenly under the pan?  ::)   

Re the heat, the angle created is only a couple degrees so not an issue.
Gary RV_Wizard said:
You can shim the whole stove if you like - it just sits on a wood frame within the cabinet.

That was actually my first thought. But then $1.78 and 30 seconds later the job was done. Maybe when I run out of other projects  ::)

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