Rockwood Regent Pusher 33ft Pusher help!!!!!

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Aug 17, 2006
Can anyone tell me what a 1995 Rockwood Regent 33ft diesel pusher weigh please?

I live in the UK and we have strict weight issues but found this vehicle we like very much.

HELP anyone

I'm not familiar with the Rockwood, which might explain my confusion. I just saw this ad for a 1992 Rockwood Regent and it's a class C, not a diesel pusher. Hopefully someone else can clear up the (my) confusion.
Cheers Tom it's an 1995 A class pusher.

The UK has some strange laws even out of sync with the EU (and I don't like the EU)

Unless we can find a link to an online brochure/manual or someone here has one of those coaches, it's going to be tough to figure out the weight. The owner who's selling it should know, or at least be able to read the weight label attached somewhere inside. What you need to know is the GVW - gross vehicle weight (not GVWR).

Failing that, you'd have to make an educated guess based on other coaches of similar size. Unfortunately, no two coaches weigh the same.
I googled it for you. Found one for sale at eBay. Here is the Subject line. 1996  96 Regent Diesel Pusher Cummins 6 spd Allison  Shows the GVW at 20,000 according to the person that put in the ad. There are others if you go to google and just put in, Rockwell Regent and see what comes up. Hope that helps some what. Good Luck. Bud n Ann
According to that ad the GVW is 20,000 lbs (9,060 kilos).
The chances of an actual GVW being exactly 20,000 lbs is vanishingly small. Could that be the GVWR of an older DP? If it were a gas motorhome of that year, I would say that 20,000 was almost surely the GVWR, not the GVW.  My 36 foot, 1996 Southwind gasser was rated at 20,000 and it included a tag axle (GVWR was 17,000 without the tag).
a little late but and we are talking about curb (GVW) weight and not weight capacity (GVWR)

If your thinking of purchasing this unit, ask to have it weighed first.

If there is a weight issue where you live surely they have weigh stations? This way you would also have a reciept for the weight if it ever comes into question.


:) Hi TheDude. The reason John (RR) was asking was we have rules and regs with regard to a licence requirement for driving certain types of vehicle (just as you do in the USA). John is now sorted and it looks like he is about to fly over to the US for a couple of weeks and buy a Gas Winnebago.  ;)

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