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Mar 12, 2005
Want to get a Roku 2 XD for sil & daughter for Christmas. Won't be used in an RV but they only have wifi at home. Will the Roku work using wifi or is a more high speed connection required?
I just went through this.  A better choice is the Netgear device which is about $25 less and is still 1080.  I don't think you will be happy with the Wi-Fi connection and should run an ethernet cable to the device and an HDMI cable from the device to the TV.  How fast is your connection speed?  Faster is better and remember that you will need an unlimited program.  Streaming movies is a hog.  We have tried Hulu and Netflix.  Hulu only has 30,000 movies so we went with Netflix which has 40,000.  Both are $7.99 per month.  Music is also available (free) through the streaming device.  And if you want to spend a little more, the Apple device is $97 and is much better than anything else.
I have an older Roku and a Roku XD both running off a running off a Cisco WRT54GL wireless router.  Cable internet at 10-15 Mbps.  Set up works well enough for me.  I watch a lot of NETFLIX, but don't use it for much else.

Thanks. They probably won't do movies but they don't have cable TV so they want Fox News and Glenn Beck TV plus some of the other apps.
My Roku XD works well with wireless, use it mainly for movies.
We have a Roku in the bedroom and the living room, the living room is wired to the router and the  bedroom is a wireless only model.  Bedroom does "buffer" on occation but not very often and with 15mbs service we can watch a movie in each room no problem.  We use it for Netflix, Amazon Prime/rental, and Crackle.  A few years ago I built a home theater PC and the Roku has put it out of business.  I still have our library of 150+ dvds stored on it but more often than not we use the Roku for viewing just about everything.  My 4 year old son has no concept of the idea that tv shows start at specific times, to him the Roku is TV and everything is on all the time.

I bought both the Netgear and the Apple and tried wireless first.  The quality and streaming capabilities are improved using the Ethernet cable.  If you can get a wireless signal from where you are, it will certainly work but cable is always a better quality signal.  Sometimes it is hard enough to run a cable that wireless suffices.

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