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Jul 20, 2015
Mesa, AZ
The roof is 9 years old and not looking too good, time to give it a new top coat. Looking for opinions on these two products I have been looking at. Heng's Rubber roof Coating #46128-4 and Dicor RPCRC-1. Both have good reviews and aren't that far apart in price to be significant. I am aware that prep is where the time and energy needed will be high so I want a product that will apply easily and last a decent amount of time. I am not wedded to either product if there is a superior alternative in the same price range.
I am hoping those of you with experience on this type of project will share what you have learned.
If the fabric is bad, try to find out who the manufacturer is, and what their warranty is. You may end up with a new roof. Most are warranted for 12 to 15 years. The worst they can do is tell you no warranty.
I am the second owner so, probably no warranty. The fabric is not damaged it is just starting to show its age. My main goals are to prevent leaks and maybe keep the unit a bit cooler. Thanks for the info.
FYI: The fabric is rarely what leaks - it's the seams and openings that cause the trouble.  Other than for cosmetic reasons, the fabric doesn't need coating or replacement until you can see the woven backing material.  Leak prevention is a matter of maintaining the caulking (lap sealant), not early fabric replacement.

Both those products are excellent for EPDM rubber roofs, so it's a toss up.
Thanks Gary, your wisdom is always welcome. The fabric is showing its age since it has been in Phoenix, AZ its entire life.  There are some dark spots. I have maintained the caulk with Dicor and that is, I believe, why it has no leaks. I will clean up all the old caulk and recaulk as needed. Should I caulk before or after the roof coating?
I agree with the others.  If the membrane is failing I'd lean toward replacement over some kind of coating.....

I'm gonna throw this out there too.  While we need to make sure seams are sealed at all times, the roof material we use on 90% of the campers out there is the same stuff we use on flat roof houses here in the southwest.  Nobody here cleans their house roof.  Other than making sure the seams are sealed...let it be......

The black spots most likely is mold. Use a mixture of bleach and Dawn liquid detergent to wash the entire roof.
You can do the caulk before or after; it makes little difference in the long run.  Coating over the caulk is fine, but in a year or two you are going to be touching up the caulk again anyway.  I'd probably make sure the caulk is OK (as per usual) and then coat over it. Might be a couple of years before it needs a touch-up.
Dark spots don't mean much, usually just dirt/mold in the pores. 9 years not old for EPDM fabric - many rigs get 15-20 years or more. OTOH, overcoating is neither hugely expensive nor difficult, so have at it.

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