roof leak and tub replacement

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Dec 15, 2005
rockingham, nc
hello everyone, my question today is this: got an '86 gulfstream motorhome with a roof leak. it has a metal roof. would it be wise to kool seal the whole thing or just seams? of course i cant find the cause of the leak. no major damage yet. next question has anyone replace the tub. i have a good size crack and it needs to be replaced. is that something i should forget and pay a dealer? thanks for any help.
Yes, you can use Kool Seal to seal the whole thing. Probably easier than just doing eams - or fixing leaks one at a time.

As for the tub, it is difficult to say without seeing it. First problem will probably be to find a replacement - these tubs are not as well standardized as residential models. Do not expect that Gulfstream will be able to provide one - RV manufacurers do not stock vintage parts like car companies do.  You will have to judge how difficult it is to remove and to get a new one into the motorhome to replace it. Measure openings carefully - sometimes the only way to get a large iten inside is to remove a windshield.


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